DME Questions


How long does it take from the time that DME picks you up on the airport to get you to Boardwalk Inn Villas?

Is there anything special about taking DME? I just dont want it to take 2 hours to get us from the airport to the hotel. We are wondering what will be better… Take DME or do somthing else. I just dont want to waste a lot of time if the busses are crowded.

What is your opinion?


Im not too sure. Im thinking around 45 minutes to an hour… you might want to get a rent a car.


It took us about an hour from the time we landed to the time we arrived at our resort (POR) last year using DME, which was not bad at all. Our bus was only a quarter full and POR was our only stop. I’m sure this varies based on how busy it is, but I had a great experience with DME and am using them again.


I used the ME last year to get to Carribbean Beach. Took about 45 minutes, and there were only about six people on the bus. There was a fun movie to watch on the way that will gets you excited!!


Thanks guys… Then I dont think it is worth renting a car or getting private transportation to the resort.

45 minutes is not that bad…


Another question about DME: What do you do with children who are small enough for car seats? Do we need to bring them, or are they even required on DME buses? I know we won’t need them on the buses while on property, but I was curious about to and from the airport.