DME Tags or Just Plain Old Luggage Tags?


Today I received some luggage tags from the Walt Disney World Travel Company. They were blue and had Cinderella Castle depicted on them. Enlosed in the package was a note that said that my actual DME yellow tags would arrive later (I’m not travelling till Jan 21).

My question is, are these other tags just basically souvenier luggage tags that I can use on my bags when taking other trips? Or do they have something to do with DME? And when I do recieve the yellow DME tags, do I use them instead of these blue ones, or can I use them both?


I believe the blue ones are a ‘gift’. You can use them to identify your bags. Your other ones will probably be there soon. They are very bright! LOL!


The brighter the better Doughnut. After some of the horror stories I’ve heard about DME, I want to take all precautions necassary that my bags don’t end up where I ain’t. :crying:


Yup doughnut is right. They are just a package gift. Now you can put your name on your luggage and have the same tag as everyone else has to make it even easier for ME to spot your luggage…sounds like a plus to me. :heart:


Yes the ME Tags are very YELLOW!!


When we first started using a travel agent for our WDW trips in 1999 she told us not to use our luggage tags provided by WDW (like the one with Tinkerbelle) because they are know to get stolen at the airport!! :eek: So, over the years I have never done so. We have 5 different ones now and I do use them for my carryon stuff, my video camera and camera bags, my son’s DVD player case…My DS has one on his lunch bag for school, etc. I just use the luggage tags that came with our luggage and we use our special “Disney” ones for special things (I have a Tinkerbelle one that I am hiding so it doens’t get ruined!!) :tongue: