Do all resorts do this?


I read that with DME you can check your bags and get your boarding pass when you check out of your resort. I was wondering if all resorts do this? (I would assume so but I dont want to assume :wink: )
And also I remember Disneyteacher saying that it was only certain airlines that allowed you to do this and was wondering if anyone knew if there was a list somewhere that I could find out which ones participate?


We used DME when we went to POR this past October and we took full advantage of it. The line was long (about an hour to check your bags) so show up early (around 9:00AM) and eliminate the hassle. As far as which Airlines belong to this, we flew Continental and had no problem at all. Disney has done a great job ironing out the initial problems associated with DME and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the option.


On our last trip in October 2005, we were in All Star Movies and they did offer this feature. But, you will definitely have to check with them ahead, because we couldn’t use it. Our plane was leaving at around 4-5pm, and we had to leave the bags the night before. That meant that we had to give them our bags almost 24 hours ahead.

Just check your resort…


Last August at AKL we did it, and it was REALLY convenient!


According to the DME FAQs page these are the airlines: American, Continental, jetBlue, Delta (including Song), and United (including Ted). Additional airlines may be added at a later date. I don’t know when the site was updated last so this information may or may not be up to date.

All of the resorts will check your bags and print your boarding passes if you are flying on one of those airlines. If you are not on one of those airlines Guest Services will hold your luggage and the front desk will print your boarding passes of you ask them when they aren’t too busy.


Yeah only certain airlines…GRRRR


Thanks so much We are flying Spirit Airlines and when I booked our trip and gave them the flight information the CM knew about this airline and it was on their computer so I dont know.
Since we have a late flight home and dont have to be at the airport until 5pm we wanted to spend part of the day at one of the parks so I was hoping that I could just check our bags and then come back to meet DME at the hotel later on. If the resort will hold our bags until then that would be fine also.