Do all WDW restaurants have high chairs?


We are taking our baby to WDW when he is 11 months old and having never traveled with a baby before I have all kinds of questions. :laugh: Do all restaurants at WDW have high chairs, even counter service restaurants? Are they easily available or is it hard to get one? TIA!!!


I believe so. How easy it is to get your hands on one, I am unsure of… I guess it depends on when you are there and what the crowds are like.


I don’t believe that I have ever been to any family restaurant that didn’t have a high chair for babies. Disney is all about children, why wouldn’t they be prepared? :wink:


All the restaurants do, but at some of the CS, depending on what time you go, they can be hard to come by.


Usually when we made our dining reservations for TS places, the CM would always ask the age of the child and if we would need a high chair or booster. I believe it was then noted on the reservation so when we sat down it was already there.

As for CS spots, if it is a busy day, they may be hard to find. We would use our stroller or just hold her on our lap those times.


Found this on Mousplanet for you…

High-chairs (and infant chairs) are available at the WDW restaurants. Feel free to ask for one.

You should make it very clear when you make priority seating arrangements if you need a high-chair (or a place near the table to park a stroller for an infant). When you check in at the restaurant for your seating, tell the host or hostess that you need a high-chair (sometimes those details get lost in the computerized priority seating system) or room for the stroller.

Be aware, too, that needing a high chair or a stroller parking space is likely to slow down your seating. WDW is limited by the Fire Marshall to keep restaurant aisles clear. Frankly, considering the number of families with small children that visit WDW each year, there’s an amazingly small number of tables in the restaurants that can handle a parked stroller (high-chairs are easier, since you simply remove the extra chair from the table.)