Do EPCOT hav an underground like MK?


I was just wondering…Does EPCOT have a similar underground utility corridor like the MK. I don’t remember of eve reading anything on EPCOT’s infrastructure. Any feedback would be appreciated.



The MK is the only park at WDW with an underground Utilidor. At Epcot, cast members get from area to area by going around the back of pavilions and lands. Pretty much the same deal at the Disney MGM Studios. There are bikes available backstage for the cast members at the Studios if they have a long way to go behind the scenes, and I believe there are bikes at EPCOT too, but I am not sure.

I am not sure what the set-up is at the Animal Kingdom, but I would imagine it is the same.



It seems off that a Utilidor wasn’t built at any other parks besides the Magic Kingdom. In fact, one of the purposes of the Utilidor was for fast and easy transportation of cast members from one area of the park to another, so they could go to the proper themed area for the CM or character. Even more ususual is that the Magic Kingdom, despite being the theme park most commonly associated with WDW, is actually the smallest of WDW’s four theme parks!


I have a book that show where they dug out for EPCOT to be built and due to the amount of earth that had to be dug out, esp. to put in the lake in the middle, it would have been impossible to put a utilidor in the middle of EPCOT. Also, with EPCOT essentially being split into two separate halves and when it was built in the early 80’s there were very few rides and the world showcase had very few countries up and running when it opened. The utilidor is the heart and soul of the running of the MK, and EPCOT really did not need that kind of set up because it was a showcase of nations and technology. It was supposed to be like a permanent world’s fair of technology. I really like the technology and ecology and EPCOT. It really is an amazing vision and concept on Walt’s part, and would have been an incredible community to live in.


As for the size of each of Disney’s theme parks (in acres):

Magic Kingdom: 107 acres
EPCOT: 300 acres
Disney-MGM Studios: 154 acres
Animal Kingdom: 500 acres (much of which is currently unused)

As for Disney’s other theme parks:

Disneyland: 85 acres
California Adventure: was 55 acres on opening day, not sure now since A Bugs Land and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror were added

Tokyo Disneyland: 115 acres
Tokyo DisneySea: 176 acres
Disneyland Paris: 138 acres
Walt Disney Studios (Paris): 63 acres

Just thought you’d like to know! :wink:


I’m not sure about the depth of World Showcase Lagoon, but I do know that the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom are shallow enough to include a Utilidor underneath (though it doesn’t go through there); particularly since WDW, or at least the Magic Kingdom, is built on elevated ground approximately one story above ground.

Also, EPCOT didn’t originally include character appearances, particularly since it was themed as a showcase of nations and technology. However, characters were brought in a few years after EPCOT opened, since many guests didn’t feel that EPCOT had the “warmth” that the Magic Kingdom has/had!


This is great info gang…thanks…I wondered the same thing about Epcot!!!


Wow, that’s interesting. I thought that they did have underground access at Epcot because of our visit last spring.
When we were there, an older lady fell and gashed her head. (Right in front of us, as we were eating of course.) There was a medical team there immediately and from nowhere. I thought that they would have had to used and underground system! Wonder how they did that?


No clue. Wish I knew myself! :biggrin:

Anyway, I still find it odd that only the Magic Kingdom has an underground Utilidors system, especially since its the smallest of WDW’s theme parks!

I also know that the U.S. Capitol has an underground subway-like train that takes members of Congress from the two Senate office buildings and three House of Representatives office buildings to the U.S. Capitol. Wonder why they couldn’t create something like that for WDW, to take its Cast Members from park-to-park?


My understanding is that the utilidor system in MK was built on ground level. The park itself is one story above ground level. I think that feature is uique to the MK.


Epcot doesn’t have underground tunnel. It would’ve been great to have a bike at Epcot to get around :biggrin:, but sadly all cast members walk. :sad: MK is the only one that doesn’t have CM parking with the gst parking. You have to take a bus to the parking lot.


MK is the only park that doesn’t have CM parking? I never knew that before. Odd, especially since the MK is the first of WDW’s theme parks!


I think FA meant that it CMs don’t park WITH the guests…
I could be wrong, though…

(it’s happened before)