DO holiday surcharges effect the DDP cost?


So it seems Holiday surcharges on meals at WDW are here to stay. (Allears is posting that the surcharges will be in effect for Easter) So we are planning on being there Thansgiving next year. Does the DDP also increase? If it stays the same this seems like a plus to getting DDP. We are still undecided as to if we will get DDP this time but this may put a mark in the pro column.


I’m going Thanksgiving THIS year. YAY! I was told the DDP cost should be the same.


Great question! I too will be there for Thanksgiving this year!!! Yayyy!!! What restaurant are you thinking of for your Thanksgiving dinner?


Do they? NO!
Just your suggested tip.


I meant I’m going THIS YEAR!! 2008 has quite sank in yet. I don’t know which restaurant yet for Thanksgiving. I just can’t decide.


If you’re hooked on a buffet or family style service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, many people’s favorite is Crystal Palace, it is one of mine. For family service, a lot of people seem to like Liberty Tree Tavern and it’s traditional Thanksgiving fare.
Aside from them, there are plenty of other choices in buffets, character meals, and family style service AYCE in the other parks and hotels.


we are going at Thanksgiving and i am thinking that “princess storybook diner” in Norway @ Epcot will be fun! it’s a buffet.