Do I abandon DH


Ok here is the deal…
DH has a conference in Orlando in May. Not on Disney property.
I being a snob, need to be on Disney property… :tongue:
actually that is not the case I am not a snob and would be happily stay off property for free, but I am not going to see him anyway so should I just grab a value resort and stay there so it is quick and easy transportation or do I go through the hassel of renting a car and going back and forth from WDW.
Part of the issue is my mother who lives in FL may come up and stay with us if we stay on property without DH. Which makes me happy becuase I always see my mom on mothers day. What is a girl to do?


Stay onsite…have fun…he will want you too:smile:

So which resort are you going to stay at? :smile:

12 more :smile:


It might actually save you in the end, not just time but also money, having to rent a car, driving back and forth, etc. How does DH feel about it, did you ask him yet? If that means your mom will be able to come see you and your daughter that would be nice! ESPECIALLY around Mother’s Day. If it was me I would do it, especially if DH was going to meetings or conferences all day and I wasn’t going to see him anyway.

Let us know what you decide.


Stop pressuring me…like I have idea what my title would be anyway. :eek:

Any DH could care less. Except for the weekends.


So which Resort???:smile:11 more:smile:


Well if DH doesn’t have a problem with it…What’s the hold up??? :tongue:


Do we need to shoot off fireworks or something???


It would seem :dry: I don’t see why there is even a question!!! DO IT!!! :tongue:


Now the resort issue…
Pop or Movies but if I am a true snob I will end up at WL with boat to MK? Arg decisions!!


Oh yeah WL…easy choice…why not? :smile:


Oh…WL of course!!!


WL goes against the cheap issue. Though since I want to come back in fall for MNSSHP I could just buy the AP and use that price.
Why is this so confusing!!!


I still don’t see the question here…hee hee…just kidding…But…I really would choose WL!!!


Yeah go the AP route…so how long will you stay? :smile:


Pop or Movies - Movies
Movies or WL - WL

Now to start your planning!


Being a DH and if my wife and I were in your situation I would tell her to go and have fun. But I sure would be there as soon as the conference was over. Have fun and enjoy yourself and have a nice visit with your Mom. :wub: :tongue:


I’d always have to vote for the cheapest in order to get DH to see the “logic” in it, but if you can justify WL with AP, go for it! Have a great time! Especially with your mom and DD! What a great Mother’s Day!


What about Shades of Green? Have you thought about staying there? I’ve heard that its a deluxe resort with a value price.


True…did not even consider SOG. :pinch: Now something else to think about.


So what dates? :smile: