Do I Get Any Extras?


For our upcoming March trip I have already purchased annual passes so I booked a room only reservation. In the past I have always booked a package so this included extras like dining certificate to Planet Hollywood, free Photopass picture, etc. My question is: do I get any extras when booking a room only reservation?:confused:


Nope, no extras with room only.


Again nope. Do you ever use the extras with the packages? I never do, actually I’ve never even thought about it! :laugh: Maybe next time we book a package I’ll have to use them!

So it’s not a resort extra, but you will get discounts all over the place with your AP.


The only extra I’ve used is the free Photopass picture. As for the $15 food voucher from Planet Hollywood I’ve usually given them away since we don’t like the food there.


YES! You get all the soaps and shampoos you can grab from the Mousekeeping supply carts in the hallway. And you get extra towels if you ask for them.


LOL :laugh: !! That’s exactly what I do already…how did you know??


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Of course, as a Disney hotel guest, you do get to participate in morning and evening EMH sessions, as long as you’ve got a park ticket or annual pass. And you have unlimited access to Disney Transport.
Yes, I know you probably know about these, but Disney considers these your extras.


No extras, but as an AP holder you can get the DDE card and get great discounts on restaurants.


No extras for room only reservations. They are only with packages…You do get some neat discounts with your AP however, so you can consider that an extra.


You can get an extra resort map…


No thanks, I’ve already got one (or more).


I’m with Doug… no more maps.

But the extra soaps and shampoos sound tempting