Do I have to make an ADR for everywhere?


How hard is it to just walk in and get breakfast at Kona Cafe, Boma, or lunches at ESPN Zone?? Do i need to make an ADR for just about every meal I’m going to eat that day?:confused:


I guess at some of the more popular venues such as Boma and Kona then it is advisable to make an ADR especially if you know when you want to eat there. However, we have taken the chance before now and just enquired at the desk and sometimes after a wait they have been able to find us a table. This is probably due to ‘no shows’ so if you’re prepared to wait its possible, but not probable, I think.


ESPN Zone doesn’t take ADR’s…

Me? I always recommend that folks make ADR’s for sit down meals. If you have your heart set on a Kona Cafe or Boma breakfast, why risk showing up a finding a huge wait or getting turned away?

I see you are going in September, and that might make walk-ins easier.



I would make adrs for the “must do” restaurants for your trip. It is always easier to cancel an adr than to make one, later on.


Thanks for the advice!


Make some ADRs, you’re better safe than sorry. If you get there and the crowds are low you can be flexible and cancel some and use others. However, if you get there and it’s crowded you’ll be really happy you have some plans to fall back on. September is usually free dining so the restaurants may be more crowded than usual.