Do I Need to Change Our ADRs?


We booked our trip and then I booked our ADRs. For some reason they booked our trip as a package, although we had room only reservations. When the room discounts came out, I called for a price correction, and they had to cancel our initial reservation and rebook us as a room only reservation. My ADRs were made under our old ressie number. Do I need to call to have them attached to our new reservation, or does it not even matter?


I would call just to be sure. I would hate for them to be missing and you not be able to get what you wanted. Can you look online and see if they are there? You should be able to search for your reservations when you log into the WDW site, and then you should be able to see if you have them still. But, I am kind of anal about things, so I’d still call. :slight_smile:


Your dining reservations will still be there - you just need the confirmation number you received when you booked each dining reservation. And if you don’t have that, you can retrieve them with the name the reservation is under and the phone number you provided. If you have any trouble finding them online, just call.