Do meals in POP CENTURY food court count as CS?


How do the counter service credits work in the food courts? What constitutes a snack and what counts as a counter service meal? We have never used the meal plan beefore and im a little confused. Do they tell you or do you have to figure it out on your own? Breakfast will be the meal we eat there most Im sure


They have CS meals and snacks. The CM’s will assist you if you need. They will also have signs telling you what’s what.:blush:


Breakfast will very definitely count as a CS meal.

I just perused the menu. I would guess that most of the platters, or things like a waffle plate, will be part of a CS meal along with a drink.

A cinnamon roll would probably be a snack.

But like TaH said…there is a LOT of signage and it’ll be clear.


All combo meals at the food courts are considered CS meals. You can also do them ala carte and do entree, sidem drink and dessert. Snacks are clearly marked w/ a snack symbol on the menu. When in doubt, ask. Most CMs will help you maximize your options. Be aware that breakfast comes w/ two drinks when using you counter option for it. I have no idea why, but you get two. Maybe because there is no dessert??


Check this out, it may help you better understand the Dining Plan:


Two drinks, really? interesting. That’s the first I’m hearing of that. This will be my first time using dining as well and I’m always looking for tips.

The WDW mom’s panel says that pretty much anything under $4.99 is a snack. Check for the thread that lists snacks available for 2011


I always look for the purple “D” next to the price. That mark indicates a snack. When you get to the cashier, just tell them you are on the dining plan. The cm will look over your tray and tell you if you are missing something that you qualify for.


I was under the impression that snacks were most anything $4 and under?


I’m pretty sure that the breakfasts no longer come with 2 drinks, only one.


It used to be that way in the early days of the dining plan but I think that has changed. We used to get full bags of chips and large boxes of cookies and donuts but those things are no longer snacks even though they are under $4.