Do mid-dya naps really work?


Looking at accuweather, it will be mid-90’s the first half of our trip, & we’d love to do the parks early morning, put the little ones down for a midday nap, then back to the parks at night.
Has anyone ever tried this approach, & did it work?
My biggest concern is getting back to the room, & the kids not wanting to sleep & then turning around & getting back on the bus!



It works, and it will make your vacation so much nicer!!! Even if the kids go back to the hotel, hop in the pool for half an hour and then just “rest their bodies” for awhile (put a Disney movie on the TV, close the curtains and let them lie down…) They will recharge and be happy as clams when they set off on their afternoon adventure!

It’s a LOT of stimulation for kids to be at the parks. They appreciate a break, even if you have to force them to do it!:laugh:


It definitely worked for us although my 2 1/2 year old is fighting her naps now. We would come back and I would take the older 3 to the pool while DW stayed with the littlest to sleep. Sometimes we would swap and DW would go to the pool. At the very least it is a good way to freshen up on those HOT days.


I’m really glad you asked this…

I know on our last trip, taking naps helped me…I was pregnant, and never before had gone back to the room during the day to rest (o.k. so I’m a commando:happy: ). But I really felt refreshed going back to the parks after an hour or so.

Now that we’re taking DBBoy (who’s almost a year)…I’m sure that napping will again be necessary.


I am thinking of taking a nap myself…


We’ve had mixed success through the years. My youngest daughter absolutely wilts in the heat. We went in June twice… once when she was 1 or 2 and once when she was 5. The same thing happened both times… she’d be lethargic at the parks in the heat and would then revive when we’d get back to the room for a nap (ha!).

In the end, though, we still considered the mid-day break to be crucial. She may not have been napping, but she was certainly getting a much needed break from the heat and humidity.



We almost always take a break but we don’t nap, we cool off with a swim and a shower then go back out freshened up for dinner. If I went in the cooler off season I wouldn’t waste time with a break but we always go in the summer so we needed it.


We have done the mid day breaks in the summer and in the winter. It helps on the days we are up very early, and for the nights we know we will be at the parks late. Sometimes we swim, and sometimes we just chill out in the room. My dh can fall asleep anywhere, the boys don’t sleep, but they do like the break of the pool or just watching a little tv in the room. It really makes a difference for us. I think the break is just as important for the adults as it is for the kids!


YES YES…we usually have to fight DS6 to take one, but it is SOO worth it. Even on the rare occasion when he does not fall asleep the down-time is really nice!

In fact, when my friend and I went Labor Day weekend we took naps each day (no kids!)!! A nap makes my day so much better (and allows for a later night at Jellyrolls!)


I know they help my mom alot. We don’t like to leave the parks halfway through though, so sometimes we’ll try to hit an air-conditioned indoor show for her to rest through. (The Hall of Presidents…works every time! :laugh:)


It is just me and my DH and we don’t plan on going back to the resort to rest up (might be a mistake because I really like my naps and really need them usually). I am hoping to plan it so we can see some air-conditioned shows and stuff during the afternoon and use that to hopefully relax a little bit.


I’m a park commando at heart too but we took a nap for the first time and it was great. It felt so good to go back to the parks refreshed after a little nap. My DD’s didn’t have a hard time going to sleep because I think we all were pretty wiped out.


Oh boy… I can use a nap right now.
I got into the office about 6:30 this morning and I am slowly by shirley ready to drop… SOME PROP MY HEAD UP… PLEASE!!!


It REALLY depends for us. It depends on how early we started at the parks. If we just get there at 12, we won’t take a break. If we get there a little after park opening, yes, we will take a little break. Now, I can’t guarantee anyone will SLEEP, but the break from all the action in the parks does help.


It doesn’t have to be a nap. You can just take a small pool break and give everyone some down time. I think it does work. You will regain some lost patience and feel renewed. Naps aren’t necessary if the kids don’t want to sleep. You can tell them to also just lay around and watch TV for a bit…that will help too. I think that mid-day break is essential to happy touring…but that’s just my opinion.


It was our plan to head back to the room for a nap, especially for Grandpa and DS who was just over 2 at the time. It never happened. One, we didn’t hit any of the parks really early, just the way it happens, especially with MIL. Two, DS never wound down, so heading back to the room, even to swim, would have been more fight than fun. My advice, play it by ear. We really did have it planned that we would take the break, but our reality was that it didn’t work!


I do it like you. I don’t nap…never have…lol I like to freshen up. WE go commando park in the morning. Break at lunch…back out for dinner and then we choose a night time activity. The night time activity may be drink at the resort bar…lol


even if you do not nap - speninf the afternoon in the pool makes all the difference. you feel reenergized at night…


And here is the excuse to stay in the deluxe resorts that are closest to parks and main transportation routes. It also feels good to not be stuck in a park waiting for an hour long storm to pass and clear.
This is my opinion, yours may differ.


YES!!! We are hard-core park commandos, but a midday break is the key for us… Just resting or sitting by the pool is a great idea. We are at the parks for “rope drop”- I don’t think we’d need a break midday if we slept in and got to the parks in the late morning. Maybe one day we’ll try sleeping in…