Do other people come home with pics like these?


Okay, so not all of our pics are like this, but we seem to get more than our share of them.




and more…


:laugh: bahaha! Too cute! Looks like you’re having fun!


funny pics! i need to go to disney with that guy. He looks like a blast!


Haha…it looks like you went on a trip with Bella and Dave. We always come home with heaps of silly pictures.


lol!!! The ones with the Tweedles and the running Norway statue thing are my favorites! Disney does give you plenty of opportunities for posing. :laugh:

Glad you had such a great time!!


they just keep coming…


some more…





No it’s just you. You have a crazy person.





OK, we always end up with a few of those pics, but not NEARLY that many!!! Some of those are hilarious…:laugh:


Those are hysterical! My DH would NEVER pose like any of those!!! DS would :laugh:.


How did he get the golf ball on the tee? I can never get it on the tee!
Great pictures!!!
P.S. I hope you knew the crazy guy in all the pictures?


LOL… you people look FUN and I want to vacation with you!


Ok, so when is your next trip? I want to make sure to avoid the parks then.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

Those were GREAT photos. You look like people who know how to enjoy life. :happy:


Fun! We take a few fun poses, but not at every opportunity as it seems you do. Awesome!