Do rehabs ever open early?


I was just wondering. We are going in March and the only thing that will be in rehab is the reiverboat at MK. My 3 yr old DS would love it… Just curious…
I guess that I am trying to find out how true they are to their schedule… Thanks!


I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but I wouldn’t count on it either. Take your three year old on the boat going over to the Wilderness lodge, grand floridian or the polynesian. Not exactly the same as the riverboat, but should be pretty cool for a three year old. The train around the MK should also be a hit.


Yes, rehabs open early, but don’t bet the farm on it.

Dana’s right. Besides the monorail, you can take a big boat from the TTC. The most vivid memory of my one childhood trip to WDW was Pinnochio waterskiing past the boat. It was magical.


I forgot about that ferry…that is definately more like the riverboat than the little launches…great idea caver. :cool:


And I know with my family, if we do the ferry on the way in/out of MK, we can skip the Riverboat in the park without regret.

Of course, the monorail remains my kids’ favorite ride at WDW. If not for the big kid in me, I’d save money on park tickets and just ride it all day. :tongue:


I am worried about rehabs opening on time… TT is our favorite, and it’s set to reopen just before we get there. I can hardly type with my fingers crossed.


Thanks for the tips! I almost forgot about the ferry. I guess that I am a monorail fanatic too. i could ride the monorail all day too- it is one of my favorite rides at WDW. I guess when I ride it, I know that I have made it to WDW…


That ferry ride is so much fun, isn’t it!? I was always torn as a child…ride the monorail, or ride the ferry…

too tough of a decision! I’m glad I don’t have to make it anymore! LOL!


Don’t expect the Riverboat to be open by March. Right now, we do not even have an estimate as to when it will be open again. It just says late spring, so I would be shocked if it were to be open in March. There is LOTS of work to be done on it. So I would suggest taking the ferry as posted previously as an alternative. :mickey:


gingita, Thanks. I guess that means that I’ll have to plan another trip so that my son can ride it another time…


That must be rough to have to plan another trip… :pinch: :wink:

But be grateful they are refurbishing it soon because basically it’s sunk right now. Hopefully they will get working on it soon because I know a lot of people who miss it when it’s not operating.


I wonder why the riverboat was allowed to get into such poor condition?