Do resorts store luggage if you have a later flight?


I will be staying at AKL for our trip. We don’t have a flight home until 7:45pm. Can we store luggage at the hotel for the day if we want to go and enjoy the parks? We have one piece of luggage that we will check on the plane but we will also have two carryons that we want to take with us on Magical Express.

I have never stayed onsite before and just wasn’t sure how it would work. We want to go to EMH and have breakfast that same day so we will probably need to check out early as we wouldn’t make it back to the resort until later.

Also, will Magical Express pick us up at our resort to head to the airport?



Yes, your resort will hold your luggage until you are ready to leave. You will get a time to meet your ME bus at your resort the day before your flight.


We had our resort hold our carry-on items last time. They will take them out at the bell hop station. Basically you will get a ticket to pick them up with when you are ready to go. The luggage that is going to the airport to be check in is taken separately. Magical Express does pick you up at your resort. You will be given a time to be back at the resort to catch the ME bus, so get there a little early and you will be able to pick up your carry-ons then.


Thank you. I just wanted to be sure. We are only going for four nights/five days so I want to make the most of our time and don’t want to worry about anything while we are there.


It’s a good service that we’ve used often. Your luggage stays in a nice air-conditioned storeroom while you’re out dealing with the heat! When you’re ready to leave just give your claim check to the bell desk. It’s free but a tip to whomever brings your bags is appreciated.


You are also able to retrieve items from your luggage when it’s in storage. You just need identification and they walk you back to where the luggage is and then walk you back out again. We had to do that once at Pop and it seemed no big deal to the CMs. They were very nice about it!


Thanks for the reminder about the tip. I already figured that I need to bring a bunch of extra ones for tips for maids…etc. I will have to remember to save a few for the bell hop and for the magical express driver on the way home.