Do Swan and Dolphin guests get Extra Magic Hours? (and other benefits)


I was wondering if guests at the Swan and Dolphin hotels get any of the added benefits that Disney resort guests get; such as Extra Magic Hours, transportation to the theme parks, and free parking. Although the Swan is owned by Sheraton and Dolphin by Westin, I do know that WDW handles making their hotel room reservations for guests, as well as offering daily character dining.


I know that guests staying there have full use of Disney transportation and EMH. Free parking I don’t know about.

They can’t charge things from the parks to their room though.

And, I’m not sure (don’t think so), if there is character dinning available at either resort.


All of the guest perks are the same except Swan and Dolphin guests can’t charge back to their room (except charges at the hotel).


Yeah, honestly Swan and Dolphin are probably the best deal on site. They are close to MGM and Epcot, and have all the perks on being onsite. The only downside is the lack of theming.


They do have character dining there. The Swan has a character dinner every night at Gulliver’s Grill, and a character breakfast there on Saturdays (Gulliver’s Grill is called Garden Grove Cafe at Breakfast-- odd). Likewise, Coral Cafe at the Dolphin has a character breakfast on Sundays.


I find it unusual that Swan and Dolphin offer EMH and transportation to the parks, while the other non-Disney-owned hotels don’t offer these guest perks.
Anyone know how that got arranged for the Swan and Dolphin, but none of the others?