Do the in room Refridges ever get cold


Last year at POFQ our fridge never got cold. I asked maint and he said there all pre-set. Is this all of them or did I have a lemon?


We’ve had the opposite problem - too cool and stuff freezes. We turn down thermostat of the unit when we arrive as it is usually at the warmest setting. But then it gets too cold.

I’d guess it was the unit. :confused:


I had the same problem as Elmo it was so cold that my diabetes medicine almost froze even though it was the second from the lowest setting. I lowered it to the lowest position and kept a close eye on it and kept it as far from the freezer as I could and that was OK.


I’ve never been able to get a reasonable temperature- it’s too warm OR too cold. :glare:


Our Fridge at WLV froze our milk, soda, & water… we couldnt quite get the temp right.


Oh yeah, they get cold. I’ve had cold cuts and liquids freeze!


I’m a little luckier. I take Enbrel for my psoriasis and that comes as a mix it yourself kit which I don’t mix until the day I am taking it. So, the actual drug is still a powder and the syringe only contains the diluent, which I haven’t seen freeze yet.


Yep, we’ve had the same thing . . . grapes were frozen solid . . . :laugh:

The knob to adjust our fridge seemed to be removed, so I thought they did that on purpose, never thought to call maintenance?


Hmmm mine never got cold; just cool. Guess I had a dud too.


Same here. I always kick ours down colder as soon as we put stuff in it and then it’s too cold. I can’t tell you how many water bottles (and a few other things) I’ve frozen over the years.


Same here, we have frozen all sorts of unfreezables in our POR fridge, and then other times things seems dangerously warm :frowning:


At POP we’ve always been very satisfied. We’d mostly have bottles of water, soft drinks and milk in ours and nothing has ever frozen. I guess we’ve been lucky.


At CSR and CBR our stuff froze…at AKV it was just right.


Ours has always been fine. We have only used the refrigerators at POR, but we had no issues. But, we have also never used them for anything other than sodas and a snack here and there. Never any freezing problems, and our drinks were always cold enough.


The refrigerators are a little like the A/C. It’s either too hot or too cold. There’s no “Goldilocks” zone.


You had a lemon…I had one at POFQ last year too…they have to fix it twice during my 9 day stay. I have also found that they work better if you don’t have to much in there. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the cold air flow or what, but that’s been my experience.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz]Yep, we’ve had the same thing . . . grapes were frozen solid . . . :laugh:

I love frozen grapes:)


Most times, we end up with frozen water and soda. Most times it is too cold. Sounds like you just got a lemon.


I guess we will roll the dice and see what we get.


How big are these refrigerators? Going down with a couple of kids and wife and we are planning to get some deliveries. Is it like a college room dorm sized? Some milk, couple cans or bottles of soda and misc items?