Do they allow


Can you ask for a roll away bed at the ASMv for a 5th person?


You can ask, but there is a $15/night fee - they do not guarantee it will be available, since there are only a few and they are shared between the resorts. I would call and make sure the request is on your ressie.


Being a family of 5 we tried to book a room at ASMu when our girls were 4, 5 & 8 and they wouldn’t allow it. They said we had too many and those rooms only accomodate 4. So I hung up the phone and waited another day before calling back and omitted DD4 from the list. The 3 of them had no problem sleeping in the same bed at that age. I even commented in the 1st conversation “what if she were only 2”? I was told we could put a pack n play in there but once she passed 3 it wasn’t allowed because we had too many. Still scratching my head on that one.
Tell them you have 4 but need the 3rd bed. As stated it’s an addtl fee and no guarantee it’ll be there.


When our kids were little and our youngest was under 3, we always stayed at Pop with our little one sleeping in the middle of our big kids or me and DH. Once she was 3 we began booking two connecting rooms at Pop (one trip we stayed at ASMo like that). Our kids are munchkins, and I honestly can’t imagine trying to put a roll away in one of those rooms. It would be tight. We have stayed the last 2 trips at POR and used the trundle, and it makes that room pretty tight, and it’s a little bit bigger than the values, I think. Just my opinion. I’m a big believer in doing whatever works for your family.:happy: