Do they let you charge cameras anywhere in the parks?


We are getting an extra battery for our camera, but I am still curious to know if they allow you to charge video cameras anywhere at the parks? Would I be allowed to plug ours into an outlet when we do our table service meals? :confused:


Not sure where, but we had the same curiousity with Mom’s scooter. She was always worried that she would get stranded if the battery wore out while at a park. We were assured by cm’s that she would be able to charge her scooter at the parks if need be. They just didn’t say where, and we have never had to find out. I would imagine at guest services you wouldn’t have a problem.


I recall hearing something about leaving your camera at guest services to charge the battery. Check AllEarsNet.


Thanks, Victoria. I’ll call guest services if I don’t hear from anyone here who has experience with this. The info on was very outdated, talking about Alien Encounter and replacing batteries, not charging them.

I think we will be okay, but I am planning on taping quite a bit because we are sending a DVD back home each day to my grandparents who are almost 90. They never got to WDW and would be with us on this trip but can’t manage at their age. We figured the best way to “Bring them Along” would be to tape as much as possible and send them a disc every day. I’ve already got the envelopes and jewel cases ready to go with stamps and their address and they are looking forward to checking their mailbox every day to get a taste of what we are doing on the trip.

Thanks for your help!


I know you can at the City Hall in MK!! I had bought a new video camera but forgot to charge it and as you know new cameras only come semi charged! I went into the camera shop right there by the entrance and they told me to head on over there. I did and they simply took my battery and charger and had me fill out a tag. They attached it to my charger and told me that I could come pick it up whenever I wanted :smiley: I picked it up about two hours later, they gave me all my stuff back and like magic, I had a fully charged camera! :happy:


What a wonderful idea!!! :wub:


Oh I wish I had known that- I have had batteries discharge during the day, and just had to put the camera away- thanks for sharing that, very useful to know.


No problem! :happy: More than happy to share as it was a life-saver for me at the time!


This is great information and just what I was looking for, so thanks for sharing :happy:


Yay…next trip I’ll have batteries for more than half the trip…LOL