Do they make a cake that looks like a pillow


and then a white choc. tiara on top of it??

thought that may be neat. wanted to get something like that thought it would be cool to have Prince charming bring it out to her for her birthday


oh that sounds lovely! If you get it, be sure to take pics for us!!


Can they make something like that ya think if I ask??

I would be willing to pay for it with no problem , I thought something I have not seen would be in order for her, she will turn 5y/o


Just call and ask - that’s about all you can do - it would be absolutely adorable!


Well, um, I’ll try to clear my schedule… :blush:

I have no problems with carrying cakes out to 5 year olds… :heart:

I do, however, require first class airfare to and from, and, perhaps, a suite at the Boardwalk… :pirate:

And those yummy apple muffins… :wub:

Seriously, I think they should, and you should call to request. :happy:


You don’t want much then 626?!? lol!


Okay, I have to know. Where do you get those yummy apple muffins? We always try a different snack every time we’re there. This sounds like a good choice for this year.:happy:


Oh gosh to funny 6-2-6!

I tell you what when this soon to be 5 yr. old gets married someday the guy had better prepare himself this is one strong minded, know what she wants go getter of a girl. She will hold her own when she gets older :wub: .

She is what is a totally hilarous and she knows it to.

last week we went to the pool and we were sitting in some chairs talking to friends and she came up to me and her dad and said , “hey guys look at me I am HOT ( taking one finger and putting it on her butt making a sizzling sound)”

Anyhow back on subject I think I will call and ask them.

I thought the days plan would make it ideal. got BBB at 4pm then dinner at 1900 PF and finish dinner with that dessert.:wub:


It looks like I need to call back tommorow and talk to Linda and see about it .

lets hope for the best


That would be so cute. Disney is so flexible that I can’t imagine them not trying to help you out with this wonderful idea. Please post a picture if they do it!:blush:


The cake idea sounds perfect. I hope they are able to do it for you.

LOL = your DD telling you she’s hot.:laugh: :laugh: