Do they still have Gay Pride week?


Can anyone tell me if Disney World still has Gay Pride week and if they do, when that would be next year?



Welcome to DC. “Gay Days” will be having events in WDW from May 30 to June 4 this year according to their website. Traditionally, the day with the largest attendence would be the Saturday in that stretch.



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Gay week…I was there in that strech of time to be Excact early June but that was only once.


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Gay days is NOT an official Disney-sponsored event,so don’t be surprised if Disney says that nothing is going on that week.


They also have a website, if you would like more information:

Gay Days

I have to say, we were at Disneyland for the much smaller event there. With the exception of a couple of people who obviously were there for the attention, the people there for Gay Days were much more friendly and considerate than the average Disney guest. I was there with my 7 year old daughter at the time, and we didn’t have one problem.

I had no idea that we were going to be there during that time. I also didn’t realize they had one at Disneyland until we arrived. I probably would plan around it next time, but it really isn’t a big deal, other than it gets very crowded.


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Hiya Castlelover! Gay Days are usually in June and it looks like you have all the info you need posted here already! So–WELCOME to the best forum on Disney in all Universes known and Unknown!!


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My mom and I were there during that this summer. It was our last weekend. The only bad thing was the crowds. Mom got the list of events from their website and we planned our days against where ever the big crowds were. It worked out good for us.

The crowds were pretty big anyway. It was June and it was really hot.


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