Do u collect anything Disney?


I was just wondering how many of my fellow DCers out there collect something Disney related.

I myself collect Disney snow globes. I only have the ones from the Disney store. Nothing fancy yet. I want to get some fom WDW in april. I am also starting a lenox Disney collection. I want to first start collecting beauty and beast then lady and the tramp
How about U. What do u collect???


I collect the Disney World antenna toppers. I have all of the major holidays as well as classic Mickey, Minnie & golden Mickey ears. Right now I have my St. Patrick’s Day Mickey and it is so cute! My favorite is my turkey Mickey. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. They also come in handy when I’m trying to locate my minivan in a parking lot!


LOL. I like that. I can never find my truck anywhere. I am looking foward to get the golden mickey ears in april.


i have started collecting the DVDs… i also have a bunch of Dopey stuff since hes my fave!


I collect Disney Pins (not targeted to any particular type, just those I like); the small wind-up figures available at WDW; and sericels.


I am currently collecting all of the SHAG merchandise for DL’s 50th! So far I have the “memory album,” “stationary set in collector’s box,” the “main street frame” and I’d really like the prints but they are SO expensive.

I also collect Tinkerbell art work, I have Allison Lefcort’s “Blushing Tink,” and some other smaller pieces.

Besides that, I started collecting Tinkerbell and attraction pins (which I am NOT trading, hehe)

Hmmm, oh, and I collect Disney memories. hehe :biggrin:


I collect cookie jars, mostly disney ones, but I do have some non-disney ones as well.


I collect anything Mickey, I collect pins, and I collect Cruella.


Do character autographs and pics with the characters count lol!?


of course! :happy: :tongue: :happy:


“Do character autographs and pics with the characters count lol!?”

lol its a collection isnt it, ya it does.

I collect Disneyland books(the one’s that tell the history of Disneyland) i got my first one in 1979, got about 5 of them, also im collecting metal disney lunch pails, i have 9, im hoping to start a disney tim collection but there sorta expensive.


i collect dvd and comics of Mickey Mouse.:mickey:


I collect snowglobes as well. My favorite is my villians snowglobe! I also can’t help but collect Disney DVD’s, you just have to have them all! : :happy:


I collect random disney items. Mostly from trips and gifts from fellow DCers. I have one wooden shelf in my room with nothing but disney stuff…cups, ornaments and stuff like that. My DD bought me a classic minnie figurine for my birthday this year and that also sits on the shelf. I like bringing a little memory home each trip to add to the shelf.


HATS, lots and lots of hats, I have hats from each of the major anniversaries, I have hats from most of the resorts we have stayed at, I have hats from the rides we visit. As I stated in another thread, with my hairline hats are a good thing, lol.

Each Christmas my children give me a new section of hat hangers from the “Lids” store.


I still want to collect the WDCC sculptures but they are $$$$$$ :frowning:


I collect DVDs of the animated features. I also used to collect anything Pooh, but due to budget constraints, I haven’t bought anything in a long, long time.


Anything and everything Mickey! I have a lot of stuffed Mickey’s and a few Pluto’s. Brenda collects snowglobes and has started a figurine collection. I have four of the large statues from the Art of Disney and a lot of misc. Mickey stuff! If it is Mickey - I gotta have it! We have started collecting pins, dont have a lot yet but they will be ones to keep not to trade. :mickey:


Pins, beanie babbies, plates, snow globes (not as much now) and a huge collection of the WDCC pieces, all of the tapes of the movies and I guess anything else I can get my hands on before Tim yells.


im addicted to stationery so anytime im in disney world or the disney store at home i go a bit wild, so i guess i would say i collect that…pens, pencils, notebooks, folders etc.

im also going to start a pin collection if i go this summer…no particular theme tho as i have too many fave characters and id also like park pins so it will just be a random pin collection