Do you agree?


I was looking through the vast amounts of information available on the cast member portal today when I came across the WDW Top Ten Recommendations for each park. And I thought to myself, I wonder if my fellow DC members agree with what is ranked as the top attractions.

The list that really struck me was for the Magic Kingdom. So my question is, do you agree with this list or would you change it?

1 Stitch’s Great Escape!
2 Cinderellabration
3 Mickey’s PhilharMagic
4 Wishes Nighttime Spectacular
5 Splash Mountain
6 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
7 “it’s a small world”
8 Space Mountain
9 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
10 Pirates of the Caribbean


Hmm…Stitch’s Great Escape??? I’m surprised by that! Are those listed in ranking order???


If that list is trying to say that Stitch’s Great Escape is the number one thing to see at MK, then I wholeheartedly disagree. I’m not even sure it’d make my top ten.

The abscense of Haunted Mansion from that list is a travesty.

I’d probably also add Hall of Presidents even if we find it boring now, it’s still an amazing acheivment in audio anamatronic entertainment.

Spectromagic Parade should be very close to the top of the list.

Everything else on the list, with the exception of Cinderellabration is acceptable to me.


OMG!! NO HAUNTED MANSION??? Someone has been smoking something!


I certainly wouldn’t have Stitch in that group. I wouldn’t change anything else-but I would add more because there are certainly a lot that stands out-just not Stitch.


Replace Stitch with Haunted Mansion. Stitch wouldn’t come anywhere near my list. The rest I’m cool with.

I’m a bit surprised Dumbo wasn’t on there. I understand as it’s mainly a ‘kiddy’ ride, but still - it’s right up there with the Castle as far as Disney imagery.


I agree with Ingamba. Haunted Mansion and Spectro in… Stitch and Cinderellabration out.



This list is just wrong about a lot of things. But first and foremost about not having HM on it or Jungle Cruise. I think this might be wishful thinking on their part :eek:


I would get rid of Stich outta that list for sure. (Don’t get me wrong, I love that Alien but I think the ride is pretty ’ pap’! )and I would also lose Pirats of the caribbean ( I know a lot of you guys love it but I’m not that bothered by it at all). Def HM should be on the list and was Fantasmic there? If not then that should also be high on the list. The rest are cool :mickey:


ok just realised that I wrote fantasmic and that is in MGM! It’s been a hard day!!! :blink: :wacko: :laugh:


Are you sure this isn’t something that they wish was the order…lol kidding of course. Here is my top ten in no certain order

peter pan
small world for DD


That list is bizarr-o! Stitch was an afterthought!!! Alien Encounter was in that space, and it was simply (BARELY) remade into a Stitch-themed attraction!!! It’s not unlike delicious turkey hash served the day after Thanksgiving from the leftover bird!

(Nobody get all upset… no need to tell me that it is a wonderful attraction… I know it is, but it just isn’t Top Ten worthy, IMHO)


It seems to me that this is a list of things they are promoting, rather than popular…


Wow I definitely don’t agree with the order. Stitch at #1…oooohhh noooooo that won’t do. I do agree with everyone that HM should have been on the list. I would delete Stitch and Cinderellabration and add HM and… I’ll say Peter Pan’s Flight.


Oh yes!! Peter Pan!!


Stitch jolly well never has a wait when we’re there. Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan always have really long waits. So whatever it is it’s not a measurement of interest…


Stitch stinks!!! HM and JC or maybe even Winnie the Pooh belong in the list before that little alien.


I don’t think Stitch belongs on the list. It is a completely uninspired ride.

Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Jungle Cruise, those all belong on the list. For different reasons of course.


I’d take Stitch and Cinderellabration off the list, and add HM and the nighttime parade.


I agree, Stitch stinks…literally.