Do You Buy New Clothes For Your WDW Trip?


Ok, I’m proud of myself, I manged to some how lose 25 pounds this year, so I am treating myself and buying some clothes for my Disney trip this July :biggrin:. Several of my friends and family buy essentially a new wardrobe every time they vacation. I usually buy a few things, but this year I have an excuse to do some serious shopping!
Just wondering how many DCers buy new clothes to wear to Disney. Speak up, this is your time to be heard! :mickey:


Yes, I always buy new clothes for a WDW trip. I have to look my best for mickey! I won’t even wear them until I get there and sometimes pack them with the tags still on them…lol Go out and treat yourself. Congrats on the 25 pounds! That is AWESOME!!!


I thought I posted on a thread like this here on DC, but I may be imagining things! :pinch: :happy:

I usually buy at least a few new things such as a new bag to carry around the parks, a new swimsuit and maybe some new shirts and shorts.

I wish I could afford a new wardrobe, but I always want to spend my money when I get to Disney! :tongue:


Yes! Like Dana I have to look good for Mickey!


Yes I get a few new clothes. Got to look your best for Mickey and Minnie


Maybe a little, but I’d never bring them with tags! Things have to be washed and worn a couple of times to make sure they’re really going to fit and work out.


I pay enough money for the tickets and room and food, that should be enough for Mickey. :laugh: I do bring my bestest clothes though.


I just bought a few cool new shirts at the Disney Outlet store for our trip next month.
I especially like the evil queen tank top.


Congrats on losing that weight, that’s great! You definitely deserve some new clothes!

We usually buy a few new things, but we have to take all of our old (but still beautiful!) Disney T-shirts. I do buy a lot of new socks and undies for everyone so that I can start packing them and still have enough to get by for the last few days. Then when we get home I clean out the old stuff!


My lovely DW always makes sure that we all have new clothes for our trips! :happy:

(She’s so cute! :wub: )


It’s so much fun to buy clothes after losing weight! Because you really deserve them and it feels so nice to say “no, that’s too big”! I did that two years ago and had a ball. Sometimes I buy new stuff, sometimes not. Our March trip was planned so quickly I didn’t buy anything, just threw some stuff in a suitcase - and it turned out fine. Actually, a lot less stressful than usual.


I always get some new clothes before Disney trips. Sometimes that is the best part of “getting ready!” It’s SO exciting to get new clothes & pack them knowing you are going to DISNEY!!!

wow, I am such a geekstress.


ROFL! Andrea needs to see if her clothes are going to “work out”…What do you do if something doesn’t fit after say the third wear? “Sorry shirt, I thought I liked you but it’s just not working our between us” – “Sorry capris, it’s not you, it’s me. I can’t wear you anymore, hope you understand” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

BTW - I always buy new clothes, shoes and accessories- I love to shop!!! :heart:


Go out and have fun! The pictures are forever. With such a hugh weight lose you don’t want clothes falling off of you in pictures that will last forever!


LOL I buy everything new down to socks underwear and bras lol


Always totally new. It’s fun to have new stuff but yes everything should be washed first to have that “Wear Me!” feel about it.


My husband always buys new underwear and socks because he says “it 's easier to pack them”. LOL . I usually get the kids some new t-shirts from the disney store or maybe a couple of new shorts outfits. I usually only buy a few new things.


My husband does the same thing. It must be a guy thing.:tongue:


Oh sure, I always buy something new. It just wouldn’t have the same festive feel if there were all old clothes in the suitcase.

And congrats on the weight loss! 25 lbs is something to be proud of!


This last trip we had put together just a few weeks before we left and I said we would not buy new clothes since we were doing a unplanned quick trip. We got new clothes before we left! lol :laugh: