Do you choose to go?



I know i have not been on for awhile so hi everyone! I just haven’t really had time. But thats not what this thread is for, i am asking you a question of high thrills. Mission Space at Epcot, the ride like no other ride. It is so inasne and so thrilling. But i want to ask you, Orange Team for those thrill seekers. Or do you choose Green Team for a less instense training experience. You decide, you ride.:blow:


Definately Orange Team! I am a scaredy cat, and fought going on orange team our first trip, but now that DH made me go, I see no point in Green! You don’t have any health issues, do you?


Abosolutely not! I’m the picture of health! :smiley:


I’m Orange all the way. I need to try the Green sometime… just to see how it’s different. I’m not a big fan of the ride, though. I honestly think it’s a little boring. You have to make it interesting by pushing all of the buttons and not doing what they tell you… I’ve done everything wrong and still succeeded with the mission. I want to fail! :laugh:


I am a total thrill seeker–I ride every coaster I possibly can all over the country, but for some reason I get a terrible migraine every time I ride the orange. Last trip I decided to take the jokes and being called a chicken by my family who are also major thrill seekers and rode the green side. No migraine, so from now on I will ride the green and listen to them call me a chicken from the orange line.


Personally, I would like them to dial the orange side back up to where it was originally, or even to the intensity level it was at before the incident that caused them to create the green side.
And yes, I have ridden the green side a few times as well and found it to be similar to Star Tours and Body Wars(RIP).
I’m like Pooh Fan though and I eat big coasters for breakfast (and sometimes before breakfast), like when we went to Cedar Point for Coastermania and we were given ERT (early ride time) on Top Thrill Dragster 3 hours before the park opened.


We choose Orange, I feel the same as NokeyNose, I don’t really see the point in riding green. I’ve done it but I just feel like if I am going to bother I might as well go for the gusto.


I dont go. Those simulator rides kill me for the whole day!!

I’ll wait here on the bench & hold the bags, thanks.


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I’m not a fan of M:S either way but if we go we go green for my son.


I haven’t mustered the courage to do either, but I know deep down I could handle green. I blame the dream I had years ago where some of my family rode it but we all got really badly sick. Like we had to end the day at Epcot.


If you can handle Star Tours, you can handle the green side.


Orange. Green is sort of like having a sports car with an automatic trans…You aren’t really driving the car, only steering it. BTW, while on the Orange flight, don’t look away from the video screen…


:laugh: I totally lean in to talk to the people on the other side… and mash the buttons (but not when I’m supposed to)! I think it has less effect motion-sickness wise when you’re focusing on something, though. We brought a penny onto ToT and had my mom watch it the entire time, and she said she felt little motion sickness.


We did MS when it first came out. Didn’t realize they had 2 versions. Maybe they didn’t then, I don’t know. But “I” will NEVER EVER get on that again. DS14, who was 8 at the time, was having the time of her life but I was starting to remember real quick what i’d had for lunch, b’fast and even dinner the night b4 as well as DH starting to feel a major chest cave-in discomfort with decresing oxygen right when they had an emergency abort, thank god. btw, DH does not have med problems. They gave us a non-expiring fast pass for the day. I gave them away to the first person I saw. I’ll take the bench with the bags during that ride from now on and save my equilibrium to enjoy the park the rest of the day.


Oh, no. Back when it came out, M:S was much more intense. And then two people died after riding it (neither of which should’ve been on the ride due to not meeting the physical requirements), so they decided to tone it down a bit, and that’s when they introduced the green/orange versions. I’m thinking that was 2005? I rode the original version in 2004, and I believe when I came back in 2006, they had made it less intense.


I’ve heard that orange is really not THAT much more intense, but I still do green. I don’t want to take any chances on feeling :blow: on vacation. Nausea just doesn’t seem like it would enhance my trip at all.:laugh:


I’ve never tried Star Tours because Body Wars made me feel so lousy when I rode it on my honeymoon. DH rode MS when it first opened, and he felt sick for hours. Because of that, we’ve just steered clear of it since then. I was thinking of trying green with DS, who is 10, in Aug. But if it’s anything like Body Wars, then I think I’ll continue to skip it altogether!


It has nothing to do with fear… spinning makes me extremely sick. Green all the way!


Mission Space has actually been tamed 3 times since it opened, not counting the addition of the non spinning green side 3 years ago.