Do you ever feel sorry for them?


The phone agents that are booking those vacations??? Normally, I would say that they are just doing their job, but on a day like today when those deals are able to be booked… I feel sorry for them- especially when EVERYONE that calls is making 13,000 (or it feels like it) ADR’s. I just know that they dread it when the phone lines opened up today!!!
It’s not like they are getting to plan their trip…
I wonder if they get fun music when they put us on hold…


I don’t really feel sorry for them. I feel good for them,because they will have a busy few weeks and they can get overtime if they want it.


I figure this is one of the easier days on the job. I mean…ok it’s very busy, but Many people who calls up will be happy and excited that they are getting a deal on something.


I don’t think I feel sorry for them because I like to be busy if I have to be at work. I hate having nothing to do, busy is good. I do feel for them when a rumor gets out and we keep calling daily asking about a room discount or something else that hasn’t been released yet.


Yes, I do. Not everyone is polite to deal with and I can imagine they get some real sweeties on the phone once in awhile. :pirate:


I feel sorry for then as well! Dealing with people all day on the phone CAN be stressfull! Especially if some of those folks are rude! :excl:


I only feel sorry for them when they have to deal with a difficult customer. Like any job, the people that you deal with determine how your day goes. I wouldn’t mind being that busy, but stinky people can totally ruin your day!


No. They have it easy compared to the rest of the customer service field. I imagine they do get a few nasties here and there, but that doesn’t compare with the crap other jobs get.

I worked police dispatch for quite a few years, but started off as a call taker for the general 911 number. Call taker was the worst position. I’ve never been talked down to and screamed at more in my life. I was so glad to move on and switch to police dispatch.


I used to work at a call center for a bank and that was horrible. SO as for the agents down there, no, they have a cake walk of a job! I actually hated working on phones all day but I wouldve loved to work at the disney reservation center…I actually applied, but since I don’t live in florida…


Overall, no. Matter of fact, some of the Disney CMs I’ve gotten over the years couldn’t take a reservation out of a paper bag, much less from a guest with less than full information. It’s pretty bad when you know what you’re booking. How many times have you been told something on the web site that the CM couldn’t find or contadicted? How many times have you tried to book something and hit a brick wall only to call back 5 minutes later, get a different CM and the gates to Heavan open up for you? Rates and availability all over the place? The quirks of the Disney Travel Company reservation system? Almost always, it will be the CM who sets and maintains the tone of the call. Bottom line, treat me right, and you get no static.


Hey… At least they work for Disney. In my book, it doesn’t get any better than that. I could be the guy pushing the wheeled trashcan, following the horses on Main St and I’d be happy…just working for WDW…


Nope! In fact, while I’m not looking for a career change, I wouldn’t mind an occassional shift on the Disney phones.

You see, about 13 years ago I was one of those horrible, nasty telemarketers (Sorry, I was just trying to feed Lil’.). However, I was a very friendly telemarketer. And in the nine months I did it, I can only recall one time when someone hung up on me or snarled at me.

Based on that experience, I think 99 out of 100 times, the tone a CM takes with a rude/angry caller can turn it into a positive experience for the guest.


I don’t feel any sorrier for them than I do for the overworked and underpaid schoolteachers, trash collectors, firefighters etc.
They’re getting paid to do their job. Could be much worse!


I agree with you DT, it’s awful being at work and not having much to do. This sort of thing will make their day go by so quickly with happy people on the phone.


Once we get there, this is actually one of the things the cub is planning to apply for as there is a Disney call center in Tampa. :happy: