Do you ever feel sorry


for those people who don’t get the Disney bug? I have people who say to me “You’re going again?” With this look :blink: on their face. They can’t understand what is so wonderful about Disney. I feel sorry :crying:for these people who will never feel the excitement or understand the magic like we do.


Yes, and unfortunately, it’s almost everyone I know who gives me that look. I think they think I’m nuts, and I just feel sad that they don’t get it.


I do and I think I feel even more sorry for people who have never been to Disney World/Land because they think it’s just for kids. They have no idea what they’re missing.


Know the feeling. I work with a woman who has been once with her family about 20 years ago. She just can’t understand and likes to make sure I know it every chance she gets. I just tell her that not only do I love going to disney, but the fact that my vacation starts as soon as I get on the plane and I dont have to worry about anything until I return makes it so worth while for me. I have given up trying to explain. I just say “but its Disney” and she rolls her eye. Dont think she will ever get it. Thats also why Im here at MB though, you people understand. Its nice to be able to talk about it and not feel like your bugging the ones who dont want to here about the latest thing you found out and have to tell someone.:laugh:


I think we work with the same woman!:laugh:


To each his or her own. I’m glad people don’t get it because the parks are crowded enough as it is. :happy:


A couple that we know has 2 young children and mom wants to take them to Disney and dad said he will NEVER go there :ohmy:. I feel bad for the boys…to never get to experience WDW makes me want to :crying:!!
I hope mom packs up & goes without him & has a great time!!:happy:


[QUOTE=tinkfans;1025198]A couple that we know has 2 young children and mom wants to take them to Disney and dad said he will NEVER go there :ohmy:. I feel bad for the boys…to never get to experience WDW makes me want to :crying:!!
I hope mom packs up & goes without him & has a great time!!:happy:[/QUOTE]

Thats sad- I wish it were compulsory for every child. There is no place like it, and to see it, too, through a child’s eyes (which I never have unfortunately as I was an adult for my first trip) must be more magical than we adults could ever envisage.

We are always getting the “you’re going AGAIN” and now we’ve stopped defending our decision, because unless you’ve been you’d never understand. I wish we had a pound for all those who do go and then say we can see why you go back year after year-anyway for those that dont go/understand -it’s their loss.


I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Everyone has their “thing” and if Disney isn’t their “thing”, I hope they have something they enjoy as much as I enjoy going to Disney. I don’t expect, nor do I want, everyone to enjoy it as much as me…can you imagine the crowd levels?:laugh:


I’d like to see so many people in the parks that they have to build a nice, new park in the upper midwest. I’m sure the imagineers can come up with a way to build it and keep us warm in the winter!

Not everyone can feel the “magic” or “spark” that DL or WDW provides.


Too add on, anyone who knows me and likes me, knows what WDW means to me. So, that being said, they don’t bother with saying “you are going again?” or something equally as stupid. Whoever says that to you hasn’t taken the time to really know you, is an idiot, or just talks to hear their voice.


I get sooooo many eye rolls, when people ask “so, what are you guys doing for vacation this year?” Then it’s usually followed up by, “AGAIN!” and then more eye rolling:laugh: Hey more space for my family!

I can’t understand when people say that place is just for children:blink:.
Have they not eaten at the yummy resturants, have they not gone to the GF Spa, how about the wonderful golf coarses?
WDW has something for everyone in my family, all the time, no ever complains.

I expect someday I will have to give in and go someplace else on vacation, but as for now it WDW all the way!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


unfortunately I encounter the same thing here. So much so that people actually are bringing me brochures for “better places” to visit :ohmy: We do go other places, I just enjoy going to WDW so much more. :redface:


I used to get the “You’re going AGAIN?” from a lot of people. Now I get “When do you leave for Florida?” followed by “You’re not going??” :laugh: On the other hand, I’ve totally created WDW monsters out of two colleagues who have caught my addiction bug. We have great conversations!! :wub: To the others, eh. They just don’t know what they’re missing.


We go other places, too, but our favorite place just happens to be WDW. I don’t get why people care where I vacation. I’m not making them go or even making them listen to a trip report and look at pictures!:laugh:It just makes me sad that people want to rain on my parade by making me feel crazy. I don’t care where they go on vacation (in fact I’m glad they don’t go to WDW, 'cause like everybody here, I love the parks being EMPTY!:laugh:).


I get the same look and people don’t understand why we keep going. I tell them it is truly a place once you step into that you can relax.


I never feel sorry for them… keeps park crowds low! LOL


When my Mom had to cancel taking care of our dog while we are at Disney (having knee replacement surgery soon), I asked my in-laws if they could watch the fuzzy man. My FIL replied “you’re going again?!?” I think he realized his reaction when I reminded him that his daughter goes to Florida every year to enjoy the beach, and she doesn’t get questioned. Why do we get questioned in going to Florida every year to enjoy Disney. I think it finally sunk in, that it’s just a really good vacation, worth going every year.


I used to get it every year, then when I started going in both Oct.
and 8 weeks later in Dec. for the Christmas Day parade taping, it got
really bad:laugh Everyone would say “Don’t you want to try someplace
else?” NO! We still do the Outer Banks every summer and have done
other vacations also but Disney is just different than those trips.
I have a coworker who is just as into Disney as I am so pretty much
every day we have some sort of conversation about Disney. People
call us the Disney geeks. Im good with it though. We just cant understand
who wouldnt love it. The funniest part is our other friend does not like
Disney because her husband has her @ the park for opening and they
literally stay until the parks close. She says she hates that she doesnt get
to relax. I tell her you have to take breaks but I think she just goes with
what her husband and kids want to do.
I have to say I feel really sorry for kids who have never gotten to experience
a trip there because their parents have no desire to go or they just arent
fortunate enough to be able to go. Our kids are lucky that we all love it!!:happy:


I know the feeling! I want them to just go once (on a trip I have planned especially for them so they can see the magic :happy:) and see how great it is! And how it’s NOT just for kids :laugh: And when people ask ‘You’re going again?? How can you go to the same place over and over?’ I say they could ask the same thing of people with cottages or who go to Myrtle Beach etc. Same thing, just a different place. sigh Now I want to go to Disney… :wub: