Do you get a lei at o'hanna's


We will be eating dinner at O’hana’s in September – will we get a lei when we are greeted?



he he he- see now that would be something my husband would totally get wrong! And then be disappointed!


Oh man, I would have gotten into sooooo much trouble if I had asked that question!!! If I remember right, the answer is no. You do when you check in as a guest at the Poly though.


If the cm remembers! We were so disappointed because we didn’t get “leied.”

Then, when I saw others get them, I asked, and the cm apologized and handed us some. It was a bit of a let down.


That’s interesting. When we checked into the Poly last January we goto them, but when we ate at Ohanas’ we did not get them, nor did we see any one else with them. But then of course after my third Lapu Lapu, I was not seeing much!!!


We never received any either. But thats okay, cause Mickey still came to see us… :happy:


No, we didn’t get them at Ohana’s either, I meant when we checked into the resort.


at ohana? that would be cool!


Nope… never been “leied” at O’hana… but that would be cool if they did…


I got “leied” at the Luau in front of everybody!


Nope for O’hanas, yes for the Luau


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: and I bet you enjoyed it :laugh:


The CMs at the front desk are usually quite willing to give away leis to anyone who asks for them. Walk up and say, “May I have (insert number needed here) leis please?” We’ve never had them say no. But, we’ve also never asked for more than four or five. I’m sure if you asked for a case they’d say no.


:laugh: :laugh: I got “leied” there too! But never at O’Hanas.


My dd always asks for them when we breakfast at Kona Cafe. They’re always happy to give them to her.

As for the title of this thread - I’m not even going there.:laugh:


We got “leied” right as we walked into the hotel, on our way to the Ohana breakfast!! :laugh: :laugh:


We have something else to look forward to :blush: and we never received them when we went to the Luau :frown:


ooh - i want one when we go to ohana! that would be so cool! maybe we’ll get lucky and get one offered like mickeysgirlz did!!


Thanks for the comments on the title – I thought it was pretty good myself!


Oh my goodness I could not help but give a little chuckle at your thread title. How funny! :laugh:
Nope, anyway, you do not recieve the lei’s at Ohana, you receive them at the Luau and upon check in at the resort.