Do you get flashbacks?


I’ll be going about my day and in the middle of all the busy things I do and, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I get a wdw flashback.
Usually a restaurant:laugh:
It always puts a smile on my face.

Today I went back to the Brown Derby (in my mind). It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Anybody else have these out of body experiences? :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I recently had a flash back of my husband tricking me into sitting on the right side of the boat for Splash Mountain. (The side that gets really wet!!!) He thought that was so funny!! I’m currently plotting my revenge for our up coming trip! Makes me smile every time I think about it.


yes. yes. yes. I can go outside on a sunny day, and I think about riding the peoplemover with my son…I think about the balloons blowing in the wind on Main street, the smells and the sounds.

So, yes, I think the same thing-all the time…


Flashbacks? No. I didn’t do that much acid in the 70’s.:eek::ohmy:


yes i am usually in work having a rotten day and all of the sudden something disney pops into my mind… like a flash of main street. it makes me feel better and worse at the same time… it is a year until we go again people at work thinks im nutz.


Yep, I get them all the time. WDW and childhood. It’s usually music that does it to me for the WDW flashbacks, but sometimes it’s just a memory that pops into my brain for no apparent reason at all. :happy:
Smells and music bring the general childhood flashbacks on. That happens a lot, too.


I keep having this flash back of when I went to WDW back in/around 92ish and ate breakfast on a boat somewhere when I thought may have been DTD but it was a character breakfast. Then we walked around what I thought was the boardwalk.


I have them all the time! Today I had one that brought me right back to the fountains in Epcot, I think it was something I heard on the radio that triggered it.


Heehee, my husband doesn’t know any of those fine details, he’d never do that because he always let’s me enter a ride first, which in the case of Splash Mountain means I’d sit left :laugh::ph34r:

Yes, I have flashbacks all the time.


I have lots of flashbacks of our vacation I am so glad that we got to go b/c I got to spend all that time withDH husband before he left to join the Army


Music and certain smells always do it for us.


not that much? could have fooled me :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


When I’m washing dishes, I’ll suddenly think “someone is going down Splash Mountain right now”.

No matter what the situation is, my dd and I can always relate it to WDW. Drives other people nuts.:laugh:


I am on three medications to stop those!!!


[QUOTE=Franco54;899711]I am on three medications to stop those!!!

:laugh::laugh::laugh: aw Franco - I love you!:heart:


smells for us too- not just WDW but America- or New York to be more exact, we can be walking along and stop and go ahhhhh New York!!! (gorgeous love it)


Flash backs yes also major depression when we get home.For two weeks WDW IS REALITY and coming back to the uk is awful. We don’t even have sunshine some summers. Every thing is WONDERFUL in WDW we can’t wean ourselves off it and go somewhere else. We tried other holidays just don’t match up.x


While cooking eggs this morning, looking down into the pan, I was transported to the wonderful breakfast at Crystal Palace.