Do you go back to the same resort or try others


Do you keep going back to your favorite resort or try different ones.

We try to go to different resorts each time to cover them all. But we have our favorites.:mickey:


Sort of a little of both. If we are staying at a moderate, I prefer to go back to my fav. POR. If it’s a deluxe…I like to try the different resorts.


I’ve tried new resorts for 3 trips and once I was REALLY impressed but it’s out of our budget to go back (WL) and the other (Dixie Landings, gave it 2 chances) I was not AS impressed with as the one we normally go to (CBR).


We didnt care for CBR I blame it on they put us in trinidad south. Need I say more. We like to walk but that was a little much. We tryed animal kingdom and loved it. It was a treat because we cant see spending that type of money when you pretty much just sleep there.


Tried new ones. I can’t recall staying at the same resort twice.


We stayed at CBR on our first trip to WDW. We’re just the opposite of you TaraRae. We didn’t like CBR at all and will be staying at POR for the 12th time this November. Our friends stayed at CBR last year and didn’t like it either. We suggested POR for their trip next year. Hope they like it.:mellow:


I’ve noticed that most MBers prefer POR/FQ and I think FQ is cold and harsh. POR (was Dixie Landings when I went) had terrible customer service. I like CBR for the private pools, colorful buildings, awesome CM’s, clean rooms, etc. I agree that if you get stuck at Trinidad South it doesn’t make for as great of a vacay. I always request Jamaica, building #45, corner room. :slight_smile:


So far i have only stayed there twice and each time has been a different hotel. I am going to try and stay somewhere different this next trip as well.


We have tried a different resort with each of our stays. We LOVE Wilderness Lodge though by far… and we will stay there as often as we can in the future.


Most of the time I do the values . . . with it being just me and the kids . . . it’s FUN, Great for the budget . . . and at 3 and 7, as long as there is a hole in the ground with water in . . . they’ll have fun SWIMMING!! :laugh: :laugh:


I keep going back to the same resort. Creature of habit.


We started out trying different resorts, but stopped when we stayed at POFQ and really liked it there. We’ve gone back ever since. Sadly, our Jan. trip will probably be our last stay there. DD is 2 1/2, so the next time we go back we’ll be considered a party of 5 and will probably go back to Riverside (or we might just have to try a Deluxe!:blush: )


It’s a mixture of both for me. We use to do a new resort every trip…now we find ourselves going back to our favorites.


I like to try new resorts, there are still alot that I want to try out and stay at since Ive only been to WDW 3 times so far…but if $$ is an issue then I will go back to a fav that I stayed at before, in the moderates… (hasn’t happened yet, thank god! lol):happy:


We like to try different ones! Then we can find our most favorite :wub: !!


try a different one


As you can see from my sig, we like to try different resorts when we can. The thing is we can only afford to stay in certain resorts on a regular basis. Thankfully, now that we are DVC members we will get some more variety.


During my childhood trips to WDW we stayed in a few different resorts. Then we stayed at POR in 2002 and I’ve been going back there ever since (my fifth time is just 3 weeks away!)

Every once and a while, I research and consider a different resort (usually a deluxe) but I’m a cheapskate at heart and always end up going back to a moderate because of the savings. For my next trip, I actually had Boardwalk booked and then switched to POR.


i’ve been to values, mods, and deluxes…the one resort that i’ve stayed at the most is the contemporary. i :wub: it. however, i have not been there since they’ve done the refurb. i’ve seen pics that others have posted, and i’m not particularly thrilled with what they’ve done with it. i liked when the rooms were colorful w/ wacky designs. now it just looks blah to me. i’m not saying that i won’t stay there ever again, but it will make me think twice about staying at the poly instead ALOHA :laugh: .


Well to keep with the name, they have to keep with the times . . .

Definitions of contemporary: characteristic of the present; “contemporary trends in design” :blush: