Do you go back to the same resort?


Just curious…

Who goes back to the same resort every, or almost every trip?

We keeping going to different ones every trip.


We have now gone to every value, some of them 2 or 3 times. Carribbean Beach and POR and AKL. I would love to go to FW, but it’s price will probably keep us at the moderates. I will stick with POR because they fit 5 in a room.


I try a new one every trip, but have been to AKL twice. That trip I split the resorts between there and the Polynesian. I think a new resort just makes the trip seem like a totally different one each time. It adds to the magic and me and my DD find ourselves just as excited to see the new resort as we are about going to WDW. I’m running out of resorts however. Some are out of my price range all together and some I have no desire to try at all. I may have to redo a favorite soon…lol Oh the torture. :wink:


I’ve been to WL twice, POR twice (three times this weekend!) and AS Sports 4 or 5 times. Would really like to try GF (when I hit the lottery), and AKL. This summer I think we’re going to try to get the WL cabins.


From the age of 5 to 15 we had an RV so we went to Fort Wilderness every year. I loved it but once the RV was sold and I got to try all the different resorts it was exciting! I did get kinda stuck after AKL opened b/c I LOVED it SO much, so we’ve stayed there several times.

The only resorts I have NOT stayed in are Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Carribbean Beach, Old Key West & BCV… I am not going to count BWV and Saratoga b/c well, I’ll be there soon!!! hehe!

I would LIKE to try different resorts everytime though.


Well, being DVC we don’t have a ton of choices… but we can’t bring ourselves to try anything but the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. We’ve visited the other properties and while they are certainly nice… they just don’t fit us as well.



I have been to most of them over the course of my life…I have decided that the WL is my favorite and that is where we stay when we go to WDW. We do go around and explore the other resorts for shopping and dining, but home=the Lodge!!


I haven’t been back to the same resort twice yet. I have this little goal–I want to stay at each one at least once. But once we do that, I’ll probably stay at my favorites again.


What a great question! I want to try all the moderates, but I love POFQ so much that I am afraid I will be disappointed if I don’t stay there. Anyone else have that same concern, and if so, how did it work out if you stayed somewhere else?


If I can afford them, I will try them. I’ll let you know when I get finished.
Better get started…LOL :tongue:


Hiya and Welcome Piglet75! You can get the lowdown on this site for all the resorts and all our wonderful opinions! I have never been disappointed with any of the resorts we have stayed in! I know how you feel about POFQ–it is a sweet resort! :wink:


I would love to try almost all of the resorts. Some of them just don’t get my attention. But I certainly would like to try most of them! After staying at the WL we thought we’d never go anywhere else, but have been pleasantly surprised everywhere else.(So far…)


I have repeated, but mostly for financial reasons. I’ve only stayed at values, and have repeated ASMu twice. I would LOVE to stay at all the resorts, but I highly doubt that that will ever happen unless I become ridiculously wealthy in the near future…ah well…one can hope!


I would love to try all of them. But so far I’ve only stayed at POP, POFQ, and the Poly - and haven’t repeated any so far. Loved them all, especially POFQ. When we return in Dec, it’s between POFQ and POR. I would love to return to POFQ, but I’d also like to see something new.


As we are RVers, we always stay at Fort Wilderness. I would love to try some of the others, but I wouldn’t be able to go as often if we spent more on resorts. Maybe when the kids are grown and they pay for themselves. :slight_smile:


I just can’t bring myself to stay at other resorts. :noo: I’ve been accused of being a little stubborn :angel: and started staying in the FW cabins (Fleetwood mobile homes originally) when I was little and I just associate the Disney magic with staying there. We did stay in CSR for our honeymoon, and while it was very nice and I have fond memories, FW = Disney for me. Now that we’ve taken our DS and DD there and saw how much fun they had, it’s gonna be hard to break the habit. That and with #3 on the way, space is going to be at a premium.

DW is set on trying GF and I would like to stay at Poly (that’s where our brick is located) once, but by and large, there is only one resort for us.


We always stay at POR (previous DL) and have stayed at CBR too, but POR is like a second home, we even ask on check in if ‘our’ room is available!!!


my family and i normally stay at an all star resort (which we love the themes and the price is good because we dont spend much time there) however this past trip we rented a cabin at Ft. Wilderness and it was quite a change. i loved the atmosphere and it was convenient for having 6 people. the campground is gorgeous there is so much to do. we rented the speedracers and it was a ton of fun. its good if you plan on just relaxing for a couple days and doing the no park thing but i like the all stars if your like me and go the whole vacation in the parks :slight_smile:


We’ve only stayed on site twice. First time was POFQ(Loved it!) and second time was POP. I don’t care to stay at any of the values but I really want to try Boardwalk, Poly(when we don’t live in Hawaii anymore), and WL. I am dying to try WL at Christmastime! This next trip, if we get to go, we are going to try the Contemporary.

So, no, I won’t be trying all the resorts because some just don’t interest me. After trying the Contemp/Poly/Boardwalk and WL, we’ll probably just repeat our favorites after that.


This will be my first year staying at a Disney resort but I know I will want to jump around and experience them all. They all look so great I’d HAVE to stay at all of them at least once.