Do you go to the water parks at open, or later when it's hot?


There are 2 times a day that the crowds at the water parks seem bearable…first thing in the morning, and in early afternoon before the heat-of-the-day rush.

When do you go?


We try to get there before opening. The water parks aren’t very crowded the first hour or so. Usually when we go, the parks are only open until 4 or so, so we like to get as much time there as we can.


When me and my family go, we go in the morning. We usually manage to get everything done by lunch time so we can leave when it starts getting crowded and way too hot.


We plan to get to Typhoon Lagoon before it opens at 10am and stay for 4 hours- is that a good plan? Should we swim with the Sharks first? Or let DH and older DS go on Crushin Gusher first then go over to sharks?


Do Crush Gusher first then head over to the sharks. Newer rides tend to have the longest lines.


I agree with DT…Crush n’ Gusher first…and then the sharks. You should have no problem with doing most the things you want to do in 4 hours at open! Water parks are GREAT at open. :tongue:


I forgot to add that we have seen the water parks close around noon because the park was full. You might not be allowed in until enough people have left. First thing in the morning and later in the afternoon seem to be the least crowded times.


our favorite time to go is right after a rain storm. the rain clears out the parks and usually doesn’t last too long. Also, about 2 hours before closing works for us,too. most people that came for the day leave about then. We go in August, so it is always hot.


Bump :tongue:


We usually go first thing in the morning!!


Absolutely go early, before they open. Like most things at WDW, it is better without the crowds! Early is the best!!! :flowers:


Last time we went to TL it was early in the morning, and that seemed to work well. We just upgraded to PAPs in March, and can now go to the water parks anytime we like!!! I think we are going to have to move closer, lol.


Ummmmm… is Crush Gusher already open???

We’re planning on BB the first day… but if Crush Gusher is open…


So many choices!!!


You should probably protect your coconuts on the Coconut Crusher. You know how painful that can be…


YES YES YES!!! It is open :happy:


We usually head over after breakfast and stay until around 2:00. We noticed people were coming in around 2:00 so we were glad we were leaving.

Merlin - I think CG is open now. If not now, should be when you get there.


We get there early stay play (DD’s and DH do slides! I do lazy river! :biggrin:) have lunch then leave back to hotel get changed and got to a park!
We have been known to go to a water park at about 4pm to cool off, but only in the middle of summer!


Ok we are the weirdos… :wacko: We go in the afternoon. What we try (and I stress try) to do is get up in the am and hang out at the pool at our resort and then when it starts getting crowded by the pool when the others are coming back from the parks we head over to the waterpark. Stay there for a few hours and then come back to the room shower and change and head out to one of the parks planned for that night for dinner etc…


LOL! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good idea.


The absolute best time to go is in the rain. For some reason no one goes then and I can’t figure out why, you’re already wet.