Do you have a Disney tradition?


We get a family picture in front of the castle every trip.


We have to have a Mickey Ice Cream bar every visit. Also I have to have a Mississippi Mud slide in the lounge at POR.:wub:


MK first day with breakfast at crystal palace.


We always ride the Haunted Mansion first. It is always the first thing we do when we go into the park somehow.


SSE upon entering EPCOT
Chocolate dipped Mickey shaped rice crispy treat when leaving MK
Turning around 3 time counter clockwise on the bridge before crossing into Dinoland in AK
Wait on a curb while DW shops in stories on Hollywood Boulevard in DHS

Oh and singing “It’s the most wonderful season of all” over and over again for at least a month after going to MVMCP.


We go the MK first with breakfast at Cp too. And we sing, “heigh, ho, heigh ho, to Disney world we go”. When we get into the car to leave the house, and when we get to the parks (on the way to the MK, or whatever).

The kids love it.


We have to go to Beaches for ice cream. We also go to BW for some relaxing and entertainment.


We go to Ohanna for dinner and CP for breakfast. We get picture of DD with pooh every year too.


When I was growing up we always had an ice cream as we left the park on the last day and just followed the crowd out. We would be just walking out slowly and trying to get the last drop out of our time there.


DD and DH love double bacon cheeseburger and cheese fries at the POR food court. After our long haul flight we dump the bags and head off to the food court- then our holiday has begun.


MK on the first full day of the vacation is a must.

PB & J Milk Shake (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it) from 50’s Prime Time at some point another must.

Beaches & Cream for cheeseburgers and milky way sundae also a must do.


Ours are breakfast at Crystal Palace on the first full day. A couple of Harps at England and sitting out front and watch the people, Sitting on the rocking chairs in front of Liberty Tree Tavern and have a race at the racetrack at MK.


a photo on some ride usually splash mountain …and just being there…


MK and fireworks on our first day.
Night EMH at AK.


DD- Goofy’s candy shop it’s a must do!
Then to the Christmas store, I get an ornament every year.
My DH & DD play mini-golf usually alone it’s “their” thing, but one year they let me play :happy: .
And we always end the trip at DD the morning we leave. We get lunch at Earl of Sandwich, and talk about how much we think our cat’s missed us while we were gone :happy:


We always get a giant turkey leg.


My wife reminded me of this one, we always eat at the Burker King south of Micanopee (where Doc Hollywood was filmed) on the drive down.


We have been driving down since 2007. We plan our whole route around cracker barrels.


The last evening of the trip, we soak in every aspect of the resort. With a glass of wine in hand, we people watch, look at the artwork and just relax, enjoying the surroundings.


We rumble out in the parking lot of Epcot :eek: … OK, that just started this year…:laugh:
Hopefully it will be the last! (C’mon folks it’s a joke!!! )