Do you have Disney ornaments on your Christmas Tree?


We have one Christmas Tree that is completely Disney (big surprise, I know). Do you have any Disney ornaments on your Christmas tree?


We a few, but I am sure this year DD will princess us out. Mabey I should let her do the mini tree?


For sure! On our first trip to WDW in 2000, we bought a lovely ornament at the Downtown Disney Christmas store. From that point on, we started a tradition of buying a Christmas ball representing each resort we stay at - 2002 Animal Kingdom Lodge, 2003 Coronado Springs, 2004 Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. We get a little misty-eyed when we decorate the tree each year as we unwrap the ornaments and hang them. Yes, I am a total mush, but apparently so are my husband and kids! Fingers crossed, we’ll buy another ornament next summer :slight_smile:


OF COURSE!!! It started harmlessly enough with a few Pooh ornaments. Then the rest of the 100 Acre Wood gang, then it was Toy Story, and then…

Can’t help myself now.


It’s a tradition that every trip to WDW we choose 3 ornaments to buy. Our tree is completely Disneyfied. A lot of Princess Aurora and Tinkerbell b/c they are my favorites.


need something between 1-2 and half the tree :wink:

We started family tradition to get a special ornament each year starting with handpainted wooden ones 1st christmas. Quite a few are from Dis trips and this year’s is DVC.


OK…I’ll let you in on a secret…but you can’t tell my boyfriend…I have enough Disney ornaments to fill probably 3 or 4 Christmas trees!! (Grolier made a lot of money off of me.). Even now, I try to buy at least 1 per trip (I visit annually). I just pull the new ones off the shelf first so those are on the current year’s tree. The problem I have is that the really nice Grolier ornaments are very heavy. I buy the Douglas Fir which has thicker branches but they still start to bend after about the 1st week so I’m afraid to put the big ones out.


Yeah, I said half the tree, but it’s less than half but more than one or two.

I have about 8 Disney ornaments. I add to it every year.


of course …Disney from top to bottom …Tinkerbell flies around the top and the monorail runs around the bottom!!!


I have a couple dozen Disney ornaments on my tree. The oldest one I have is a Daisy Duck–it is the first ornament I can remember ever picking out as a little girl :mickey:


I picked one or two, but now that I think about it, it’s less than half, but more than a couple.
We have a pack of the Mickey head style, and a dated one from last year. And a small Tink one from when I was a kid. There might be a few more that I can’t think of. But I prefer to keep it traditional.


Ok, I am the one who said no ornaments at all…the reason: I have never bought any, not than I am anti-Disney ornaments. Maybe I will buy a few this year, but they can be so expensive and I don’t have a lot of money in college… :glare: I just have to find some that fit my color scheme for my tree.


I think my oldest is from 1975 … but I have one that is the Sorcerers Apprentice, that could be even older, when I get them out I will check.


I bought this beautiful Mickey head last year at Epcot. Somewhere on DC there is a thread with a photo. I love it. But it’s all the Disney I need on my tree. The color (red) was perfect with that years theme.


I marked entire tree. Thats actually true. Every time in WDW we purchase a new ornament. Its getting there not that full yet.


I have a few ornaments that arent disney but most of the tree along with the tree topper and skirt are Disney


Our tree is DIsney from top (Tinkerbell) to bottom (Disney tree skirt) and I love it. I bought at least 6 Disney ornaments this past summer at WDW and I have most of the Hallmark Disney ornaments out this year. I just keep adding to it each year and it just keeps looking better.


We have a full tree and even had to buy a bigger tree this year to fit all of them on it. My wife doesn’t buy any souvenirs from WDW except from the Christmas Shoppe at DTD. We even have an Angel Minnie on top that flaps her little wings and of course the tree skirt too. My fav would be the Mickey ears garland she bought a few years back.


We also get a personalized ornament yearly at WDW. I also started buying an “Annual” ornament that they have and this year I bought THE cutest ornaments. They are princess dresses on hangers - does anyone else have these? I got Tink, Belle, Cinder and Snow White. When we go back in January I will get the rest - if my husband isn’t looking :wink: I also bought a Peter Pan ornament this year because that was DS favorite ride this year! I put up several trees at Christmas and was thinking this year I may do an ALL DISNEY tree in my foyer. All of your trees and ornaments sound beautiful!


I am sure that if we had a tree, it would be full of Disney ornaments. Our menorah only has candles!