Do you like better "Mickey's Dream-along Castle party" or Cinderellabration


I am thinking the “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party” is a great new castle stage show.


You kidding? This new show’s gonna rock! The characters return! So glad this show will be showing soon!


I can’t vote since I haven’t seen the new one yet. But anything is better than Cinderellabration. :pinch: Did I just say that out loud? :nonono2:


ingamba i did vote for you for the “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party”.


NO! i’m not kidding the new castle stage show will be best “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party” will be the best


You voted on my behalf? Thanks Jeany!


anytime ingamba.


Jeany! Only 73 days till Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers comes out on DVD!!


I voted for the mysterious Mickey’s Dream Along Castle show b/c I had a dream about it the other night and it was definately the BEST one yet. Can’t tell you what I saw in my dream though, it’s SUPER top secret! :ninja:


i know my dream is to see the newest castle stage show “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party.”:mickey:


I agree. Cinderellabration was quite the disappointment. Maybe not from a 6 year old’s perspective, but I watched about 5 minutes of it and that was it. :pinch:


There are only 73 days left? The days are flying by! Next thing you know it will be New Years!


twist1980 which is your vote to “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party” or Cinderellabration.


I voted for “Mickey’s Dream-Along Castle Party”!!! I hadn’t heard of it until now, but it sounds like it will be fun. I am so glad the characters are back. I think DS will like it better than Cinderellabration!


YAY for Mickey’s Dream Along Castle Party!!! :mickey:


Is it OK that I don’t care? Well, if the new show’s got characters, I’ll give it a chance. Seriously, I’ve only just seen my first SpectroMagic this past Sunday.


That was about 4 minutes longer than I lasted! I’m not a big fan of the shows/parades. I’d rather be on a ride! But I voted for the new one because it’s got better characters!


Yeah, can you believe it? The next four months are going to fly by!

Who counts down to Christmas and New Years anyway? :wink: :wacko:


i have to agree to you Ingamba the next four months it will be new years. Ingamba do you like idea of the new castle stage show “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party”.


I had to go with Mickey’s Dream-along Castle party if for no other reason the name. It sounds like it’s gong to be great