"do you like the idea for a Disney Airline."


I think yes! disney need a new airline for the year of million dreams celebration.


YES!! Let the magic begin before you arrive on property!


me too momofaprincess i think disney will have their airline for the "Year of Million dreams celebration. And maybe a commerical of the “year of million dreams”


Absolutely. It would be great to make just one reservation for all your magical trips…and have Disney fun in flight!


Is this a rumor or are we just talking hypothetical?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, but idk if it would really work…?? I know pittsburgh airport used to run a charter which flew to and from orlando only and they stopped having it b/c they were losing too much money… maybe in bigger cities?!


I love this idea!!!

I thought there was already a Disney Airlines, but I’m wrong.


It’s my idea for disney airline to Year of Million Dreams celebration.


I agree get the magic started as early as possible. But i hate to fly personally and would rather go by train.:ohmy:


disney airline so awsome and i hope that disney will make an airline for the “Year of Million Dreams” promote.:mickey:


It would be neat if they ran a couple flights a day from the real heavy traffic airports (thinking DFW personally, where I fly from) If they only flew from high traffic airports, they could probably offer fairly competitive rates, and keep the magic going all trip long. Good idea!


UM, JFK NY is a pretty big airport too! I likey a lot!


I’ll be the first to say NO. I think it would be a complete money pit for Disney, thus raising prices on everything else Disney. Case in point: Hooters Air (bankrupt). Hooters was based here in Myrtle Beach until April when they stopped operating. Arlines are a tough business and some things, like chicken wings and boobs, do not assimilate well into that business.


thats would be so cool


I agree with you on the idea of it being a money pit. I love the idea of Disney air, but it probably wouldn’t work out financially.

Besides that, here on the west coast (I posted this info on a previous thread), Alaska Airlines does DLR packages with Disney and you get to fly the Disney plane. See link: http://www.alaskasworld.com/newsroom/asnews/images/disney_hi.jpg So if Disney can do things like that through an airline, why risk the finacial investment on their own???

By the way, even if I’m not flying on the DLR plane, I still love to see it at the Sea-Tac airport! :wub:


What a great idea. I would jump on that plane in a heart beat.
Traveling in style to the most wonderful place in the world…yup, I could do that.


Then a fleet of buses to the Boss Mouse parade.


Great idea! I have never thought of that. But true, with the high prices and labor; upfront it would be high, even if they leased. But still great idea. I wonder I Disney ever thought of it.:huh:


I think the airline market is covered. How about transfering our thoughts to train. I’ve read so many times people hating to fly, I myself for one, If they had non-stop trips via train from major hubs, I’m sure that’s a business well worth looking into.


I agree, it would end up being a huge money pit for Disney and then the prices would have to go up in other areas to make up for the loss. As much as I would love to climb on a plane with Mickey on it I’m happy with my cheap fares from Southwest.