Do you like the water parks?


I’m not a fan of water parks but the kids want to go and we have the free upgrade. Will I hate it? I really don’t like the idea of walking around in my bathing suit in public! Do we need water shoes? Or can you walk around barefoot? Are there usually long lines?


I would definitely recommend either watershoes or flip flops that you can hold to your chest when going down slides. The pavement on the walkways gets really hot and will burn your piggies. Little kids should wear water shoes especially in the wave pool because you can scrape your toes or feet easily.The lines for the big slides,etc. can get very long. either go first thing in the morning (sometimes they have an early opening now) or when there is an afternoon thunderstorm, head over to the park. It makes everyone leave and then when the storm passes you will have the water park almost to yourself!


Just grab an inner tube and float down the Lazy River at TL. It’s the best. I’m not a huge waterpark fan either, but a morning at TL can be a nice change. The wave pool is tons of fun. I’ve never done BB - because I don’t want to look at snow - even fake snow.


We love TL. Do the water shoes or something croc like. My daughter and I always go in swim trunks and tanktops. We both hate the super wedgies you get on the slides in a swimsuit. We aren’t out of place, lots of folks come in shorts and shirts. I agree with the tubes and the lazy river. When you get hot and a little hungry stop at the ice cream shop and get the garbage pail sundae. It’s a plastic sand bucket filled with and an everything in it sundae. We had it last summer and shared it among 7 of us and there was plenty to go around.


I think that the water parks are the best. The water Parks have wave pools (the beach chairs are usually set up there.) Me and my brother usually play in the wave pool while my mom and my dad sit in the beach chairs and relax, while watching us. I don’t think that you need water shoes, unless you want to bring them. The lines are pretty long, but they always move quickly. You might want to plan around the long lines.


water parks = yucky to me. I am making DBF take the kids there. It didn’t take to much force. He loves water parks. I would die a slow death before I walked around in a bathing suit or got in the toilet with gross feet.


Ahhhh, I LOVE the waterparks!! I only visit Typhoon Lagoon really. IMO, Blizzard Beach is VERY bright, geared more towards kids, doesn’t feel as relaxed, etc… but to me Thyphoon Lagoon is like heaven! There are so many quiet and peaceful nooks and crannies there but so many exciting things to try. I usually get to thyphoon lagoon RIGHT at opening so I can so all the “rides” with no waiting then sit around and veg. in the sun all day… ahhhhh, lazy river :heart:

Oh, and as far as feet go… whatever you are comfortable with. Of course you can walk around barefoot but I ALWAYS keep my flipflops in the locker near the bathroom for obvious reasons. As far as I know, “water shoes” are welcome. I’ve seen people wearing them.


Yes ! they are a nice change of pace from the the other parks !!


I’m not big on public pools but we do love the water parks at WDW. We usually go for a day in the middle of our trip. We go at park open and stay until the middle of the afternoon.


I LOVE water parks! I’ve never been to TL but BB is great! I don’t wear water shoes just because I don’t like the feel of them, but if you don’t mind them, I would bring them - like others have said, the pavement can get REALLY hot, and while running from one patch of shade to another can be fun, it gets annoying rather quickly. And burnt feet are no fun at all.

As far as what to wear, I’ve seen people in pretty much everything - just bathing suits, bathing suits and shorts, shirts and shorts, etc etc. Whatever you’re comfortable in! :slight_smile: Personally, I take the bathing suit and shorts approach, so I don’t have to worry about “readjusting” after slides, and I still get a nice tan. :cool: (Or burn, on occasion. :mad: <-- me, burnt… lol)

The lines are usually always long in the summer. At other times of the year they can be not so bad. Either way, if you get there early, you should be able to do a lot before the crowds come. A bit of BB advice - if you want to do Teamboat Springs or Summit Plummet, you might want to head to those first. Those lines get LONG.

Have fun!! :slight_smile:


I love the water parks. I really enjoyed BB and we’re trying TL this year. I would recommend bringing water shoes for the reasons mentioned above, hot pavement. Last year the lines weren’t bad at all but then again we went in May. As far as what to wear you’ll see a little bit of everything. I recommend trying the water parks at least once.


We like BB but we love TL!


I don’t like water but I LOVED TL. That wave pool is a blast, we never laughed so hard. The lazy river was great, a nice slow “lazy” way to travel around the park. All we did was the lazy river and the wave pool and we had a blast! We did wear water shoes. :mickey:


We went to TL last year. I spent 3 hours straight standing in knee deep water by the kid slide while my little DS went down that slide about 100 times. DH and older DS went on Crush N Gusher once and liked it. We never made it to swim with the sharks since the line was way long. Older DS got his toe knuckles terribly scraped in the wave pool and little DS got blisters from the water shoes. Sorry, can you tell we did’t like it very much? I guess we’re so used to the waves and soft sand at the Jersey Shore. Lots of other people seemed to be having a great time at TL- maybe you will, too!!


The lazy river sound good but I’ll probably end up standing in 3 feet of water watching DGD go down the slide 100 times like CathysCat! We too are used to soft sandy beaches and waves so I’m not so sure I’ll like the wave pool. DD12 thinks she might like it because she can enjoy the waves without worrying about getting sucked out to sea by a rip tide. I’ll just have to make the best of it, worse case senario will be me and DGD float around the lazy river and play in the kiddie area while DD12 and DD25 stand in line for the big slides. Do they do riders switch at the water parks? (In case I decide to try a big slide!)


I’ll admit I love the water parks because I only go for the first 2-3 hours or so and then (while my DW and DD’s are water-parking) it’ my GOLF DAY!!! I catch the twilight fees for an afternoon made in heaven. Yes I love the water parks!


I never seem to get to the water parks as much as I’d like. In fact, only once to TL and twice to BB. Sandles are essential, and you can keep them on on most slides. Crush n Gusher at TL isn’t just one water coaster, it’s three different water coasters. If nothing else as others have said, grab a tube and float around the park in the lazy rivers.


i love the water parks. i especially love blizzard beach. the rides are more fun than typhoon lagoon. if you’re not a ride person, there is a beach there where you can relax and let the kids go on the rides.


My favorite water park is Blizzard Beach. They have a lot of good rides, epecially for the young ones. I’m right there with you on the lazy river, my favorite!!! Have you decided what you are going to do yet? :huh:


My family and I have only tried one of the water parks…so far! We tried Typhoon Lagoon, and we thoroughly satisfied! It was a great day, and the best part was floating around the “lagoon” in an inner tube! :wink: :cool: