Do you need to cancel ME?


At the time I made my hotel reservation I thought we would be using ME to get to the hotel, but since then we have decided to rent a car. I received the ME info in the mail, so do I need to call and cancel with them?


I bet they would appreciate it. Wouldn’t they keep a count in order to know how many buses to send out?


You really don’t have to. There are plenty of people who get signed up and never use it. You could go either way with it. It’s a free service, so you aren’t costing WDW any money if you don’t cancel and aren’t preventing someone from using it by not cancelling…it’s not a big deal.


If you are not going to use it for sure, go ahead and cancel it, it may prevent a bit of misunderstanding during your stay. If you think you may use it, jus tgo ahead and keep it and don’t worry about it if you don’t use it.