Do you prefer Hollywood & Vine or Sci-fi


I have Hollywood & Vine fantasmic reserved for Sept 22. I was looking and there is a 9:30 show for EMH.

Do you prefer the food at H&V or Sci-fi

or would you keep the H&V, do the early show and save the EHM hours for the smaller lines?

No kids going, so we could stay in the park until it closes - if my feet allow!


I did not like Hollywood & vine we all found the food really bland. I felt the food and the atmosphere was better at sci-fi. Having said that I have only been to Holywood and Vine once and have been to sci-fi 4 times.


We’ve only been to H&V once (either 2003 or 2005) and thought it was good but not great. We were super hungry and I think that helped us enjoy it.

We usually do Sci Fi for lunch each trip and really enjoy the food and atmosphere but not so much the service. We tend to stick to basic burgers and fries and have had good luck.


I would keep the H&V and the dinner package. I think having the guaranteed seating at Fantasmic is great, and the food there is solid(not great,but good enough).


I’ve only eaten and H&V for their character breakfast and the food was pretty good. I’m anxious to hear comments on Sci-Fi because I’ve been considering eating there.


Food wise, we prefer H&V to SCi-Fi. If you do SciFi…stick with hamburgers. The atmosphere at Sci-Fi is hard to beat tho…


Honestly, I think the idea of H&V is cute, a vintage diner, but the atmosphere (and the food) at Sci-fi BLOWS H&V out of the water! You will feel so much more satifised if you go to Sci-fi. It’s my favorite sit down resturaunt out of allll of the Disney World! :]

If you have any further questions or concerns I’d be more then excited to help you out! :laugh:

Have a magical day!


Sci Fi for me! so much fun- food is not that brilliant but ok, but the atmosphere is just wonderful a definite ‘must do every trip’ for us!


We prefer Sci Fi… wasn’t impressed with H&V, but it was worth it for the Fantasmic seatingl.


I’d keep the dinner package although one to one, I’d pick Sci-Fi.


thanks for all the comments. does the fantasmic show fill up in Sept. I know it’s said it does in the summer. I don’t want to sit there an hour before the show, that’s the reason I booked the dinner/show


I like them both equal?:wacko:


Better figure that you’re there during free dining and that alone is going to skew show attendance. It might even have more people doing the dinner package, fill the reserved section on your night, and free up some seating in the general seating area. Or it might not. It’s too much of a crap shoot for me to guess crowd size.


I’ve never been the Sci-Fi so I can’t comment on it; ate at H & V in Jan 2007 and thought it was terrible.


Not a fan of the food at either, to be quite frank. But, Sci-fi definitely has the thumbsup for atmosphere. Given the option, Brown Derby is the way to go meal wise.


what about mama melrose for the fantasmic pkg?


we did mama melrose last year and was disappointed. Our waitress was terrible and I really didn’t care for the sauce there. And… we spent a total of 2.5 hours there - that’s how slow our waitress was!

besides… we want to try some new places. We are keeping our favorites of Ohana, Le Cellier, and Liberty Tree


sci fi is horrible we ate there once… the only good thing was the milkshakes. th i had a turkey sandwich was bad the chicken was bad … we asked for well done the hamburg was almost raw. we have never done H&V but would try there before doing sci fi again


guess we all have had a bad experience at a restaurant that someone else loves?


Boy these opinions are all over th eplace, aren’t they?

Basically, I think Sc Fi is an experience you go to to enjoy the unique atmosphere and fun of it all. Getting a decent meal while you’re there falls in to a less important place, Sc Fi food is good when it’s casual. Ie: go for the burgers and milkshakes and you won’t be disappointed. Stay away from the full entrees as they can be a tad disappointing.
Face it: we all go to the Sci "Fi for the scenery and fun.

However, if you want to do the Fantasmic Dining Pkg, I would choose H&V instead. They offer a reasonably priced buffet with decent food offerings, and a dessert/make your own sundae area! They have food sure to please every one in your group.