Do you purchase the vacation insurance?


i was considering purchasing it but would i really need it?


I never get it. I figure nothing is coming between me and my Disney trip!!


We always do…but we have an elderly grandmother in N. Illinois…so we always have to be prepared to head that way if we need to. The insurance doesn’t really cost that much (DVC insurance) and it gives us peace of mind.


I never do when I book trips. Most of the time it seems like a waste of money but it depends on your specific situation. If you have something pending at home where you think you might have to cancel or you are traveling with family that is prone to cronic illnesses and they have to be in bed then its definitely worth it. Sometimes its worth it just for peace of mind but I’m ok without it.


I don’t get it either . . . but last night when I was booking my WDW Christmas trip, I think she said it was $65/adult and the children are covered as well. So it’s not a lot of money.


I never get the insurance. But I guess you never know when that unforseen thing could come up.


Just a tip - our TA told us this. Do not take the insurance when you book the trip, but if you want, you can add it to the final payment. The difference is, the insurance is non-refundable. So if you cancel your trip - or change, before the last payment, you will lose the insurance amount. Since you can change anything before last payment, you can add it in then. I take it because being older, you really don’t know what can happen. This year, going in Sept, I have the fear because of hurricane season - so just to be prepared. It’s like $120 to add I think.


We did for the first time this trip, and will from now on. Too much going on in life and we feel the need to be prepared for anything.


I have seen too many friends claim on it so yes we do now- we never did when the kids were little but we do now. My sil was given a good chunk back on her cruise when my brother got sick on it and my mother was also given quite a bit when she missed two days of her trip because of a layover that ended in a cancelled flight and two nights in the layover city. You figure murphy’s law happens when you are not counting on it so its better to be prepared. I tend to use the one that AAA offers


No, we have never used travel insurance. Not a bad idea though.


I never purchase it as there is NOTHING that will keep me from my vacation at Disney!!


“We” wouldn’t get it, but since I do all the booking, I do get it - I like the peace of mind. You just never know, espcially going in September (hurricanes season) and with the airlines playing with your tickets…Ahh…remember the old days when you bought a ticket for a specific thing and that’s exactly what you got…?:dry:


We don’t, but more of our trips are laid on at the last minute anyway, so it’s less of a worry for us.


You’re correct…we usually do not add the insurance until we’re close to 30 days out. If you’re a DVC member, the insurance they offer is really cheap…something like $35 for the trip (doesn’t include air); so we hold off as long as we can to purchase incase we decide to cancel or change things and then add it before the deadline.


We’ve never purchased it. Once my trip to Disney is booked I do everything in my power to see it through. I haven’t let myself down yet!!:laugh:


We do too for the same reason. I have a great-grandmother who will be 103 in November. She’s actually pretty healthy, lives ALONE:blink: , and I think she’s going to outlive me!:laugh: But, it’s always in the back of my mind that we may need to go home to tell her goodbye. :crying:


Not for WDW but I did for cruise…and ALMOST needed it. It would have saved me THOUSANDS if SWA hadn’t been able to reroute me on a whirlwind tour of the US and we made it to the ship with an hour to spare.


We always take insurance but then we would have to pay for any medical emergency in the USA and of course there is all the numerous things airlines can do with baggage that needs to be covered too.
I have made several claims over the years, damaged bags and medical treatment and prescriptions etc. I think it would be risky for overseas visitors not to take insurance.


we’ve thought about it but never got it.


We’ve considered the flight insurance but not the vacation insurance. I hope I haven’t jinxed anything by saying that. :ph34r: Murphy’s Law, you know . . . :pinch: