Do you reread your own trip reports later?


I was just wondering who else reread their old trip reports. I go back and find them every so often and relive the trips in the past. They help me plan because I remember the things I didn’t want to do again or wanted to avoid. They also help me remember all the little bits of magic that happened. So, who else rereads theirs?


Oh darn I should have waited until other people posted! Haha! I reread other peoples really good ones.


I do that too!! I will reread any trip report if I need a WDW fix bad enough…lol


Haha! I think we may need medication! :tongue:


Really? I think this (DC) is my medication…lol


Haha! It sure is! :happy:


Which makes me bring up the question: would Disney be more fun if you were heavily medicated? :laugh:

I haven’t written a TR yet, so I can’t really vote.


I don’t even think you need it there! Well, you’ll be writing one in just over a month, right?


Sure you can vote. The last option was I don’t write trip reports. That doesn’t mean you won’t write one in the future right? As for medication, I don’t think WDW requires any medication except for maybe energy supplenments to keep you running. :heart:


I reread mine when I need a DL fix.


Speaking of DL fix, I adore your avatar! It’s awesome!


Yep I sure do…but more often I read everyone elses over more than mine:)


SURE I reread it! IF I ever write one, which is hardly EVER! I just found one I posted on here in 2003… :wink:


I haven’t written one yet but I really need to get on it.


Mine, yours, hers, his…I read them over and over…but I LOVE looking at the pictures everyone posts!


Yes…you do! :angel:


I will go back and read other people’s TRs, but I have not gone back to reread mine.


Yeah, Daydreamer - YOU DO! Now you can see perfectly, so you have NO excuses!

I love to reread my trip reports, AND I love reading other people’s experiences.


I just went back and reread a trip report I wrote in October of 2002…lol


I don’t read them over and over, but I have gone back and reread them when PDD is really bad.