Do you stand and watch or move on through


I love to stsnd and watch the sidewalk entertainers and parades/shows(I missed seeing Rowdy on the MISICI parade) Some people in my family like to move on through. So, are you a watcher or mover? I am a watcher and proud of it. I guess I need a solo vacation so I can catch all shows and parades.


We’re watchers, for sure. They’re there for our entertainment, so enjoy. :wub:Those move on people have no idea what they’re missing.


Definitely a watcher! On my first visit to WDW with kids, my daughter and I went to MK at night only to find ourselves in the midst of Spectomagic - we had no idea it even existed! We plopped right down and watched it all…awesome! The only time we moved on was during a MNSSHP when we had already seen the parade once that night and used the opportunity of the second parade to hit some rides and candy stations with no crowds.


We love to stop and watch. It is all part of the Disney experience.


I know, right!!


I’m both. Depends on the day, what I’m doing and what I feel like doing.


Usually we move right on through. I just can’t be still long enough to watch.


We are watchers who don’t like to miss one thing.


My DW and I are watchers. We are actually curb sitters waiting to watch. My son is not a watcher or I should say not a curb sitter although as soon as it starts he wants to be in the front watching.


We are watchers . . . I think the entertainers are my DDs favorite part of WDW. Even more so then the rides.


My mom’s too. I always feel bad when she’s with us because she wants to stop and watch, especially at Studios, and I’m so antsy. We’ll stop with her and watch, but the whole time she can see that I’m just ready to MOVE!:blush::laugh:


Some things I watch if they grab me. I love to watch the Main Street dancers at MK and there are some performers at Epcot that I stop for.

Oh and I definitely stop for the streetmosphere at HS


WE love the ones at HS although we are slightly nervous they might make us part of the show- they are so funny.


Generally we are watchers!


It depends…if it’s in the Studios I will stop every time. Those actors are amazing and 100% improv so it’s different every time! If it’s in WS…again usually yes but only once a trip for each show because they are the same every time. In AK or MK usually…depending on where we are headed etc. We love the shows atmosphere of the shows…it’s what makes Disney Disney.


Gotta admit, I’m a walker. I find, esp in MK along main street usa, that when a parade or show starts, lines in the stores get shorter lol.


It all depends on what and the time of day. We usually stop for things at Hollywood Studios. We really like the landscaping act that is usually performed in the backlot.


Depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I always watch parades. This coming trip I am going to slow down and relax and try to take in things I usually tend to rush through. After all I do have 10 days there :laugh:


Um, are you bragging about how long you are going to be there?:laugh::laugh::laugh: Nah, just kidding. Yes you will have a lllloooonnnngggg time to explore and relax.


Yep, I’d probably slow down and stop and watch if I had a 10 day trip!