Do you think disney CM ever "play" dumb?


We were going in March but had to cancel. So now we are going in May with the grandkids, but wanted to add a couple of days just for DH and I. Because I was cancelling and booking at the same time, I thought calling would be best. I was wrong. Cancelling the days at POP was easy, but booking new dates was like pulling teeth. I said I wanted a value, and I know I had seen online an AP discount at music or sports for 80 a night. She quoting prices all over the place. I asked about an AP discount, she said there wasn’t any past march. so I pull up online the deal and she is still click, click, clicking away. I tell her I see online the 80 dollar room and then she finds it. Then she starts to tell me about the 45 day rule. I replied, does that apply to room only reservations. She then gets the cancellation rule right for room only. It took me a 1/2 hr to cancel one room and book another. :blink::blink::blink:


I do wonder why the whole thing has to be so complicated. Really, is it that hard? Evidently.


I just sounds like poor training and apathy to me.


maybe she is a trainee?


I’m really surprised, and a bit saddened, to hear that.

It has been a few years since we have been to the world, but our experiences booking rooms were always top notch. I wonder if you didn’t get a trainee. I also think we here on the forum sometimes forget just how much knowledge we have of the operation, I am sure that at least collectively we know as much as most reservation CMs. :blink:.

At least you didn’t just give up. My DW is like that, she will keep at it until she can explain what the person on the other end of the phones needs to do or she gets a supervisor. Got to love it!



I get the feeling this person was (a) in training, or (b) used to dealing with people who aren’t as Disney-savvy as you are! Sounds like she was either ill-informed or just lazy. Yuck! :sad:


Well she wasn’t rude, so I guess I’m leaning toward the trainee point. It just bothers me that if I didn’t know any better, I would have been paying more than I needed.

A few months ago we were juggling DVC points and wanted to switch some SSR for BLT on a reservation that was made at 7 months. I asked to do this and was told you can’t, the only way to get more BLT points was to borrow them. After we danced around for a few mins, I said thank you and goodbye. Called back, same question,the second CM says " sure we can, just a min"…click click click…all done.


There have been times when I’ve become so frustrated that I’ve just let it go and hung up - then called again, got a CM who knows their stuff and get a completely different experience. My advice is when you’re not getting anywhere with a CM, just give it up and call again. Last time I called I had a CM who had such a thick accent that I literally couldn’t understand a word she was saying - the whole conversation was “excuse me?”, “pardon me?”, “could you repeat that”…I understand that it is a benefit to have CMs that speak more than one language, but it sort of defeats the purpose when you can hardly communicate.


I just called at lunch today to get some information about a March 2013 trip I want to book. I started out by saying I know you have to give me this years rate…Oh no sir, I’ll give you next years rate right now

Just friday they said they could not


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1100232]I just called at lunch today to get some information about a March 2013 trip I want to book. I started out by saying I know you have to give me this years rate…Oh no sir, I’ll give you next years rate right now

Just friday they said they could not[/QUOTE]

Oooh… interesting. Maybe I can start planning for November 2013! (As if I haven’t already started my spreadsheet… and it isn’t already nearly completed…)


Whenever I’ve phoned up to make enquires, ADRs etc, it’s always hit and miss on just how knowlegeble or helpful the CM is going to be. More than once I’ve ended the call to ring back a few minutes later to try and get someone else. There seems to be alot of miscommunication going on too. A few years back I phoned wdw-dine from our hotel room to make a reservation for that evening and got told there was none available. Fair enough, but as we left the hotel about 5 minutes later, we decided to just check with concierge, and got told that they had many available slots for the night in question and got us a table no problem!


Ha. I started my spreadsheet last night. Its the accountant coming out in me.

Out of our 4 trips and literally dozens of calls I have made to wdw I feel like I have only gotten 1 CM that I knew more than.


I manage call center processes for my company and I can tell you, all of us in this industry wish with all our might we could have employs as passionate, kind, and caring a Disney’s call center employees. However, even at Disney, I would assume there is always a bad apple who is apathetic or having a bad day and just want you off the phone.

I have found over and over the call center cast members are extremely knowledgable and always willing to give you their opinions on events, restaurants, and hotels. If you get bad service, do as Grumpy said, and hang up. But, if you really do want to help Disney, immediately ask for a Supervisor. Do it nicely and they can’t say “no”. Fill that Supervisor in on your issue. It is always possible that person wasn’t highly trained or skilled and knew how to do what you were looking for. You could be helping them.