Do you think Epcot's christmas shows will ever start BEFORE Thanksgiving?


With MVMCP and the osborne lights starting in mid-Nov, I wonder if Epcot will ever follow the same timeline. I know food and wine goes unto Nov 10 or so, but then there is about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. In 2013, Thanksgiving in on Nov 28. Sure wish we could go a week or two before Thanksgiving and still see all the parks decorated for Christmas.


Short answer: no.


I have to agree with you. That is a short answer. :laugh::laugh:

Any thoughts why? Too much cost with the extra shows? Not enough turn around time from food and wine?

Since Disney seems to lengthen other specials,( ie food and wine, MK holiday parties), why not holiday around the worlds?


The turn around from F&W to Christmas is pretty intense. As it is, there’s about 2 weeks to change it over. Compare that to the simplicity of switching from Halloween to Christmas in the MK. And the lengthening of F&W only creates more pressure.
Plus, F&W is a revenue generator for Epcot, Christmas really doesn’t generate more revenue in comparison.

I would have left my answer at no, but you have to have 8 or 10 characters in order to post.