Do you think that dining times open up slowly?


Here is my thought… I am trying to get Le Cellier for early March. I have looked at lunch or dinner for 2 different days during my trip- for 7 people. I I have been looking at these times for dining multiple times per day for the past 2 weeks- with zero availability.Zero, every single time…

tonight, I decided that since I was sitting here watching football… I would just check, and… surprise- there are 2 or 3 times for each of the meals that I checked…(3 possible meals-2 different days)

I am going during free dining, and I wonder if that promotion is over… have they released more dining times, or did I just happen to catch a time when about 9 people happened to cancel their dining?

Just so you know, I have booked my dining before the whole leave a cc number thing started, and there was nothing- for weeks… suddenly tonight- the world opened up! What happened? Other- than I got very lucky…


I tried 4 different days for the last week of March for Lunch for 5. Nothing…Nada. Then I tried same days, same times but changed it to a party of 4 and it was open everytime. So I gave up :closedeye


Keep trying- I have tried many times per day-while the kids are not home- for 7… and suddenly last night there were about 9-10 openings…
This has been going on for about 3 and 1/2 weeks until last night… Yeah for persistence!


It could be that they release so many tables at a time. It’s either that or people are cancelling. With their new ADR policy (getting charged for no-shows), I think you are going to see it’s not as hard to get some of those tough ADRs. I wonder how hard getting CRT is now? :pirate:


I had no trouble. Not the exact time that I wanted, but very close… Na dI am pretty picky. That was a few weeks ago.


I’ve played the larger party game more than a few times.
It was taught to me by a few CMs at WDW DINE.
I think it stinks that I can get a reservation for 4 or 5 people, but can’t get one for two.
Then again, when we show up, we explain it away as the rest of the party had a change of plans.
And there has never been an issue when we’ve done it.


I wonder if that will work in reverse… There are seven of us going in a little under 4 weeks and wondered, if we were lucky enough to get a ressie for 4, could we show up with 7 and it work out the same way… Hmmmm.


good luck with that… 6 might go into 7…


Yeah, that is what I was thinking… I wish. We have everything we wanted but the two big ones are impossible to this point, CRT and CM. I had CM but for 7:10 in the morning. Yeah, that one got canceled. I am sure if I keep on it, I can probably get one of them, but wondered if that strategy had any hope.


Do not give up… It may just work!


Try making 2 reservations, one for 3 and one for 4. I did this twice and we were able to set at the same table both times.


Only if you play dumb and go to the wall insisting that the reservation you made was for 7 people.