Do you think the general public will be confused?


All of the WDW commercials we’ve been seeing are advertising “the biggest celebration on earth” and “the grandest celebration on earth” for the 50th anniversary…but no mention of what it’s an anniversary OF. Do you think the general public - not the DC folk and those Disney nuts like us! - will be a bit confused at celebrating the 50th anniversary, and then shortly afterwards, have the 35th anniversary right around the corner?

I mean, like, what?


Disneywife, I think that many folks don’t actually pay attention to the ads. Perhaps if they are thinking about a Disney vacation, they’d remember that soem sort of anniversay was being celebrated, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they couldn’t say it was the 50th for DL and/or the 35th for WDW. I think that the only thing that the Disney Co. cares about is keeping Disney in people’s minds for whatever so that the tourists will keep on visiting.


My father and I were just talking about that today. I don’t think they have made it clear enough that it is Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. All of the commercials we get here in Texas are for WDW and make it sound like it is WDW’s 50th! Personally I think all the hoopla should have been used to promote DLR and not celebrated at the other parks. I’m glad that they are opening the new rides, don’t get me wrong…but I don’t think the Happiest Celebration on Earth should include any of the parks other than DLR. Just my opinion
though :whistling


One thing to remember is that Disneyland and Walt Disney World are totally separate. So, if there is a big celebration going on, Walt Disney World is going to advertise it to death, and there is no reason for them to mention Disneyland in their ads. I know that sounds stupid, but that is the way it is set up. I have heard Disneyland is furious at WDW because of these ads, since DL feels this is their deal, and they should be the one advertising.


I think the ads are very confusing to the nondisney person. If I wsn’t as informed as I am on the subject, I would swear that WDW is celebrating a 50th. That is the way the ads are making it seem. They should perhaps clarify it a bit more. I am thrilled with the celebration and the cute ads, but WDW should be giving DL it’s props on this.


I agree that WDW should at least mention DL in their ads. But not many people really care besides us Disney fanatics care about what celebration it is, they just want to go to WDW.


Personally, I understand where everyone is coming from, and they have a point. I don’t care as long as it’s a party:laugh:


I am not sure but I bet they show different commercials on the left coast and the other side of the Mississippi than they do on the right side of the US. I know a few years ago when I was planning a DL trip I called and got a DL planning video and I had never seen it advertised. I too would think that the people that are Disney fans of course know what the “50th” is for and if you are a baby boomer you would know too. I agree with coasterman the people that are going to WDW for the first time really don’t mind or care what they are celebrating they just want to experience the Magic.


If I wasn’t a Disney freak, I would certainly be confused. :wacko: I kind of wish they’d explain it better, but at the same time I realize from the perspective of Disney advertising that all they need to do is hype up the fact that it’s a celebration. Non-Disney-freaks won’t care; as long as it’s hyped up and it’s a big deal, they’ll think “we need to go.” :rolleyes:


LOL! Are you running for president again, EJ?


Jim Hill replies to this question with the following answer:

"As you cruise the Internet, you’ll often hear Disneyana fans complaining about how Disney World seems to have co-opted Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. As in: It’s the Anaheim theme park’s birthday, but it’s the Florida theme parks that got all the presents.

Well, there’s a reason that this was done, folks. Disneyland has a total of three Disney-owned hotels. Disney World has 19 Disney-owned hotels, with an additional 10 on-property hotels that are owned & operated by companies that the Mouse works closely with. So making sure that WDW’s hotel rooms were kept as full of possible had to be the top priority."

A link to the full article can be found at:


I totally agree with you! :biggrin: Instead of focusing on using WDW as the background for most of their commercials, they should have promoted DISNEYLAND more… :blush:

…but hey, maybe we (or I) should complain too much…maybe it’ll be less crowded when we go!.. :whistling

Kristina :flowers: :wub:


In addition to what was written up in Jill Hill, I also have heard that Michael Eisner (though unconfirmed, but still heard) doesn’t care for Disneyland as much as WDW, particularly since he see’s WDW as more profitable. Which is really sad, since Disneyland’s was Walt’s park (he even had an apartment there above the fire station), and Disneyland is actually the theme park celebrating the 50th Anniversary! :mad:


I guess $$$ talks and **** walks ring true … I hope no one gets offended by my remark…just intended to get my point through, EVERYTHING to them is money, Money, MONEY! I’m sure Walt ALSO wanted everyone to ENJOY themselves! and HE enjoyed DISNEYLAND!!!


That may be true, but if Walt were alive today, I’m sure he would do MUCH more to promote Disneyland’s 50th. Michael Eisner seems on to be motivated by money, and/or whatever HE wants! :mad: :nuke:


I’m in TOTAL agreement with you!!!


Looks like we both think alike! :biggrin: :wink:


at least I know I’m NOT the only one that feels that way! :rolleyes: :biggrin:

:biggrin: …hey I just noticed that I’m a mouseketeer now… yaaaa for me… :blush: :whistling


Looks like we ALL do! :wink:

:biggrin: …hey I just noticed that I’m a mouseketeer now… yaaaa for me… :blush: :whistling

Oh and BTW, congratulations on your promotion to Mouseketeer here on DisneyCentral! :mickey: :biggrin: :wink:


I agree with part of that. WDW’s hotels will always be full no matter what - 50th anniversary or not. I’m sure that the idea of filling them to capacity for months on end sounds lucrative though.

But Disneyland is getting far more new attractions for the 50th than WDW is… WDW is getting Soarin, the stunt show, and Cinderellabration, and that’s pretty much it…