Do you think


Do you think they will offer any kind of discount for the fall? I would possibly like to go during Oct. If they are gonna offer anything when do you think they will release it??


I am almost certain they will again. I would think late July/early August they would release details and maybe even sooner.


Thanks, I will keep a lookout.


In the past they have, while at least for AP holders. I like going in the fall because it is alot cooler and Food and Wine is normally going on at Epcot at that time.


I know that according to mousesavers they have had discounts for the fall the last several years that are usually all about the same you can look there for the type and release date for them to have a time frame to expect a release for the time you are looking for. October is perfect time to go in my opinion hoping to talk the dw into goin Oct 2011 if possible.


I have noticed that they tend to extend the Disney Dining offer