Do you try to stay as late as you can the last day before you fly home?


Or do you like to leave early, right after check-out?

When we’re in the planning stages, we always want to get in as much fun as possible, including that last day. We used to drive down and would leave first thing in the morning, but now that we fly down, we figure it’s just another day of fun. But that’s when we’re in the planning stages.

But I think we’ve finally learned that we figured wrong. By the time we check out that last day we’re ready to go home. Even at a park, we find ourselves looking at our watches and just waiting for the time to leave. And we’re usually beat. A couple of years ago, my hubby, Gene and I were so tired that we went down to the lobby at the Boardwalk and fell asleep sitting in a couple of the big comfy chairs!

So, for this trip we’re coming home earlier. Well, our plane leaves at 3:00, that will give us time to stay and pack in the morning and get a bite to eat, maybe a quick shop at Downtown Disney.

But it’s killing me, it really is (because I’m in the planning stages, of course). I look at my little obsessive chart and think of all the possible fun I may be missing and I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I keep hoping for a good DING so I can find a later flight. lol

How do you handle that last day? Do you cram in as much fun as you can, or do you head for home and rest up before you have to go back to work? Or have you found that elusive happy medium?


Yes we try to get a late flight. That morning we check our luggage and go to a park then return get our luggage and catch Magical express.:sad:


We never tried staying late. We always try plan a lite day at the resort or a early flight. Some friend of ours will try to make a day of it.


I have never been able to get a late flight out but if I ever did I would make a light day of it. It would be just too stressful to be at a park and wonder if we are going to miss the bus or be late. Id just go to DTD and hang around if I got the chance.


We can never find a late enough flight out… usually we fly out around noon and that doesn’t give us enough time to go to the parks…

Maybe next year since it looks like the flight schedules are changing for our local airport!


This time around I was stupid enough to make my own reservations with the airlines and I grabbed the first flight home that didn’t involve a lot of stops. But I never looked at what time the flight leaves Orlando :ohmy:
The flight was for 6 am :eek:
I ended up paying a whole lot more for my tickets to have them changed to a more manageable time which is now 3pm. I am not sure I like that either, I’d rather get up and go home. I would be just like you, looking at my watch, thinking I’d miss the car if I went to the parks. I would worry :blush:


Since we usually leave WDW on a Sunday we ALWAYS leave super early, usually a 7-9am flight. Going back to work Monday when you’ve returned home late from vacation stinks. Also, it’s a known travel fact that your chances of delayed or cancelled flights significantly increase with flights departing after 4pm.

Although, the only thing about this habit I may change is for our little 3 night trips. We left late in the evening from Girl Trip on the last day and I really enjoyed having that last day at AK and DtD. Although, we were delayed by like 5 hours and didn’t take off until after midnight :glare:


Once our last day rolls around we are ready to get home. We usually have a noon flight which means werre up and out the door before 9 am. I wouldn’t enjoy a day at the parks knowing that we can’t be late, I would watch the clock the whole time and not truly enjoy the time. Once we get our luggage we have a 2 hour drive home from the airport and we don’t want to do that late at night.

We have a 6 am flight at Christmas and it sounded fine when I booked it (it was 7 am at that time) but now it sounds awful.


exactly that’s what happened to me, I think. It must have sounded alright. It would be leaving home and the short trip to our cute, little airport up here, but going back, yikes
What time do you have to get up??:ohmy:


I’m thinking we won’t get to go to bed.:laugh: We’ll be picked up by DME at about 3 am!! :eek: That’s nuts.

Our 7 am flight sounded fine because Mike wanted to have basketball practice that day and this would get us home in time for him to have a late afternoon practice. Now he tells me we’re going to his parents’ house that day. We both told our parents about our trip and they were fine with it–even excited. Fast forward a couple of months and his mother said something to me about how long we’re staying at their house after we get back. Umm… that was why we cleared the trip with everyone because we truly are skipping Christmas and all the running around. We weren’t planning on any time with either family. Now we feel bad and Mike wants to stay at his parents’ house for a couple of days on our way home.


We stay as long as we possibly can! We’re never ready to go home and don’t want to miss a minute.


As sad as we are to leave, we usually make our departure day as easy as possible. The most we’ll do is make one last stop at DTD but we usually have 1:00pm flights so it makes it hard to really do much except take one last look through the gift shop.


I always try to stay as late as possible my last day!!! I feel it’s a waste of a day leaving in the morning plus I Hate mornings and hate rushing around in the monrings, especially to GO HOME!!! I will do it going to Disney (or leave nite before) but if I dont have to work the next day I will stay as late as possible!!!


We done both. If we are along we prefer to leave around 11AM. This gives us plently of time to get packed up and have a nice breakfast before we leave for the airport. If the grand kids are with us we leave later around 5PM this give them a morning at MK and then time for lunch then off to the airport.


We stay as late as we can on the last day. We’re all packed and ready to go , so all we have to do is have fun. We have a rental car so we don’t have to worry about being picked up either.

The last day is great fun: we plan a late meal so we’re full for the pane ride home and ride all the things we missed or wanted to repeat.


We have a two hour drive home from the airport so I do not like to leave real late. We try to leave somewhere around 3:00, back to Indiana around 5:30 and home by 7:30 or 8:00pm. We have only went to a park once on the day that we left and that was just to get our photopass. This trip we are going to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast before we leave.


We try to get a late afternoon flight. This gives us time sleep in, check out. Then we go someplace like O’hana or Chef Mickey’s for breakfast/lunch. if we have time we may stop at DTD. For our next trip our flight departs at 5:30 PM. So this gives us enough time to sleep in, pack, have a nice brunch and maybe go to DTD. We rented a car, so we have to allow time to return the car at the airport also. But I think going to a park would be too stressfull!


We try for a mid / late morning flight home, which will get us home in the early afternoon. It gives us time to get settled back in at home, spend time with the dogs (who are very happy to see us back), catch up on the mail and just relax before getting back to reality.


We stay as late as we can. I hate to leave, so having a late flight out makes it easier somehow.


We drive. The plan is always to go into the park for maybe two hours on the last day (if at all) and then leave. But we always end up staying until 2:00-ish. Which means we get home very late. It’s totally worth it, though.