Do you unpack when you arrive?


I like our room to feel like it’s our home so the first thing I do after we get to our room is unpack our suitcases. I hang all of our shirts and fill the drawers with the rest of our clothes. After that I get all the bathroom stuff out and find a place for everything that needs to stay out.

Am I the only one who uses the dresser and totally unpacks?


I do…We get to the room… unpack… then go none stop until the end of the trip:smile:


I unpack as soon as I get into the room…gotta make it my own for the time that I’m there!!


I fill up the dresser drawers too! It makes it easier to get ready for the parks in a rush in the morning! No digging through the suitcase(s) to find the right shirt!


I’m so glad I’m not alone. I hate digging through a suitcase to find clothes each morning. A day or two of that and I have a wad of unfolded clothes.


I actually don’t use the dressers. I unpack my makeup/soaps/shampoos/etc in the bathroom though, too much to get unorganized.


I unpack! I really have a thing about making sure I use the drawers wherever I stay.


If our room is ready we ALWAYS unpack our stuff first. It just makes you feel “at home”, “settled,” and gives you a chance to relax.

We DO use the drawers too!


I unpack everything too. I usually bring some fabric softener dyer sheets for the drawers so it smells more like home. And, I always bring some extra hangers. There never are enough! I’d like to get one of those mesh pop up hampers that fold into a little bag so that I have something easy to pack that I can use for days when I need to do laundry. We try to pack light and do laundry at least once. We also change clothes in the afternoon on really hot days.


I do the exact same thing. I have to unpack and have everything neat and organized! Make up, hairspray and toothpaste etc. on the counter, shampoo and conditioner in the bathtub area. My kids all ready do this (I have trained them well!!), they know as soon as we get our room, we put away. I can’t stand “living” out of suitcases. I would just go nuts!!

And no your not alone, LOL I am more then happy to join this group!!!


LOL I could have written that post. I do the exact same thing, I pack about 10 cheap wire hangers, fabric sheets for the drawers, and use a little pop up mess hamper. I am proud to say that I quit packing a travel iron–now I pack a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser, that stuff is amazing!


WOW!!! I could swear I could write this!! I do exactly and I mean exactly the same things. I love being an obessive packer!! LOL, now, my hubby just thinks I am nuts!!


I’m with Jess.

I unpack my bathroom stuff and hang up the stuff that will wrinkle, but other than that…I’m living out of my suitcase!


I have never unpacked until I stayed at WDW! I unpacked everything and I loved it. I like that settled, home feeling.


I absolutely have to. It helps when I feel organized…eases me into the vacation. I also think that it saves times when you get ready in the morning.


I unpack the stuff that will wrinkle, too, and hang it up or fold it into drawers. I always have to unpack my toiletries, too, and get them onto the bathroom counter. Shoes, workout clothes, socks, and undies usually stay in the suitcase until needed.


I unpack the toiletries, and keep the case nearby. But only the clothes that can wrinkle come out of the suitcases. But my suitcases stay organized with everything divided into sections, so it’s not chaotic. I don’t see the point in unpacking, then packing up again.

Plus I have issues about other people using the dressers before me, when they were cleaned last, and not being able to lock up my belongings. While on vacation, I’ve had a full bottle of Chanel stolen and my brother had a brand new pair of Phat Farms taken by the maid.

While I’m out of the room, my clothes, toiletries, and accessories are picked up and locked up. But then I leave the laptop, camcorder, etc sitting on the table… don’t ask…


God’s gift to me!!! :biggrin: I don’t know what I ever did before they came out with that stuff. Oh yeah, I ironed. :dry:

We unpack first. It’s easier to do it right away than when we come back feeling exhausted from being wherever we were and just wanting to have whatever we need, like, NOW.


I think my DH is a Downy Wrinkle Releaser addict, I don’t think he could get dressed w/o it.


I always unpack, first thing. It really makes me feel “at home”. Also, it’s just easier - you don’t spend time hunting for stuff. And I’m an ironing addict. I have to iron everything, before I or anyone else in my family, wears it.