Do you want Personalized menus?


from the coral reef , pm me and I will send you the email address. I don’t think I am allowed to post it on here… If the moderator says its ok to post it i will.


I’ve posted the e-mail address on here before. I don’t think it’s a secret, it’s just the restaurant’s e-mail address for special requests. We got a personalized menu last year and they did a GORGEOUS job. :smile:


I would suggest calling before emailing just to be sure everything is set.


Yeah, I second that!! Definately call the day before & perhaps the morning of your ADR. Part of our surprise was completely left out, even after being confirmed. They did come through with the personalized menu though. It was really pretty.


How do they confirm it? through an email?


I wish that I could have found it I had to call her twice just to make sure I got her name correct:blush:email removed if any one else needs it. include name, date, and reservation time.


Actually I was told not to share her email on boards as she prefers to talk to people in person before giving her email.




I’ve read that on other boards as well. I think you need to call her first, after that you can email her.


They way I did it was call first, they give you an email (generic to the restaurant) to send the photos, and then she emails you back with her individual email address to confirm receipt of the photos.


Filling in for Dana? Its probably on the List!!! :laugh:


Can you email me the info? We have reservations for 11/26 at noon at CR. We would love customized menus.

Thanks a bunch!!!


[QUOTE=CarolinaTilt;864395]Can you email me the info? We have reservations for 11/26 at noon at CR. We would love customized menus.

Thanks a bunch!!![/QUOTE]

Just make sure you call before you email so you are in the system.


The sad part is I called to double check my reservation and diver I was told it was all set. However, it didn’t happen. Some how we didn’t get the diver and we had a awful meal and poor service to top it off. We’ll never go back and I’ve never said that about a restaurant before but it was that bad.


Could someone fill me in here? What are these personalized menus? We have a res at Coral Reef next month for the first time, and I may be interested…Hmmmmm…


You can arrange a menu that has family photos on it. You call the restaurant and set it up. I left a message and someone called me back and got all the details.


how far in advance do you set this up. we are going to go next August for our 20th anniversary and would love to have the diver and menus.


Wow, so sorry that happened. I wanted to set this up for our 20th anniversary dinner and I would be crushed if it didn’t happen. Did they offer you any reason why? I really am not crazy about the menu here as we arent really seafood people but was willing to go just for the special diver and menus.


Nope, I found a manager and asked about it, he just said there was no diver scheduled for that evening. I was so upset. I had even called to double check it a week before we left home. I would have overlooked my bad meal and the poor service had the surprise worked out but that just added to the disappointment. I was happy we were on the dining plan because the meal was so expensive and just not good at all.


Call who? The restaurant directly?